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When Code Freeze Turns To Code Slush

Time To Sector (TTM) is a essential concept that each individual executive understands. Releasing a product to market in advance of your competitors provides you a considerable initially-mover edge. As these, project administrators are really pressured to shorten their project schedules. But does accelerating code freeze optimize TTM?

All items remaining equivalent, the sooner you declare code freeze, the speedier you’ll achieve TTM. Slipping the code freeze date will most likely outcome in an overall timetable slip. But declaring the code as “frozen” when it really feels much more like “slush” will outcome in an even larger timetable delay.

Code freeze connotes no much more adjustments to the computer software load. For people of us who are expert computer software builders, we know that real code freeze seldom takes place. Bugs are typically uncovered even after the load has been mounted in the industry. But at the incredibly least, code freeze really should signify that you might be not organizing on churning any much more code and that you actually consider that the computer software can be launched with some hope of stability.

When code freeze is declared, the project dynamics change substantially. The resource repository is locked, procedures are tightened to be certain no just one introduces a change that could destabilize the load, and in some circumstances, improvement groups are dismantled. Since the code is locked, administrators purpose that builders are now no cost to operate on other tasks, and hence reassign them to other groups.

What occurs to a project that even now involves improvement but in which the project mangler artificially declares code freeze, thereby shedding his/her improvement team? (Remember to explain to me you currently know this response.)

As a project manager, you must maintain honest. If the computer software load is not nonetheless ready for code freeze, confess it. Certain, declaring code freeze on time could make you search like a hero right now, but when people today get started raising bugs and you have to slip your project timetable simply because (a) the load is unstable and (b) you have no builders left to correct problems, the “slush” will strike the admirer. And believe in me, you’ll wish you would have been honest and pushed out your code freeze date.


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