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What Is a Project Manager and What Do They Do?

The project manager’s occupation is to provide the project inside of the several limitations that have been negotiated and agreed. But to entirely answer the problem, let’s glance at a day in the lifestyle of a project manager. To do this we are going to action by way of each and every section of the project lifestyle-cycle: Outline – Approach – Put into action – Shut. By grouping project things to do into phases, the project manager can successfully system and organise sources for each and every activity, and also evaluate achievement of goals and make very well-educated choices on how to go forward and take corrective motion when vital. Paying out near attention to these facts is the distinction involving simply executing points very well and excelling as a project manager.


In the outline section the project manager’s main duties are:

  • Placing project goals. What are the significant degree goals? What should be obtained? What are the critical success variables? Project goals really should be Clever (Precise, Measurable, Achievable, Practical and Time-Certain)
  • Stakeholder Mapping assists to outline project goals and will involve figuring out and analysing stakeholders to make certain their wants will be met. Delays and problems can arise when stakeholders are not adequately determined and comprehended, so this is a crucial task.
  • Setting up to assemble the project group. In some cases project professionals have autonomy above this, sometimes not. For instance, in a useful organisation the project manager will require to negotiate with office professionals to protected project group users.
  • Building the project charter, which is the formal authorisation for the project to move forward.


The future section is preparing. What does the project manager do in the course of this section? Their main task is to guide the preparation of the project system. This is the roadmap for how these significant degree goals determined in the outline section will be obtained. The Approach contains:

  • Building a do the job breakdown framework, which identifies each and every task that is necessary to entire the project.
  • Planning a do the job routine which will take all the duties from the do the job breakdown framework and arranges them in time sequence so project things to do can be managed and monitored. A sensible routine is crucial to a prosperous project.
  • Defining useful resource requirements. All projects cost cash, take time and need sources. Value and useful resource requirements really should be evidently mapped out right before project implementation commences. This will involve: setting up the project group, confirming that necessary sources are obtainable and that the scope is achievable inside of price range. Just one of the most critical roles of project professionals is to set up sensible anticipations and to balance the constraints of scope, time and cost.
  • Producing a risk management system to detect, rank and take care of risk. A audio risk management system assists a project to operate smoothly. The adverse impacts of project threats are minimised and the options that can arise are captured. Issues can be anticipated and actions to address them can be reviewed and accredited in progress.
  • Planning a excellent system, which describes how excellent will be managed all through the lifestyle-cycle of the project to make certain the excellent of the each the project and its deliverables.
  • Producing a Communications Management Approach which builds on the previously stakeholder mapping and sets out a Approach for partaking and speaking with all stakeholders. It outlines how the right messages will be communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time. It sets out the interaction goals, the stakeholder requirements for interaction, and the move of interaction things to do and schedules.

Preparing is the crucial to a prosperous project. Normally preparing is disregarded in choice to finding on with the do the job. Having said that, prosperous project professionals fully grasp the worth of a project system in preserving time, cash and problems down the line.

Put into action

The implementation section is where by the project system is set to do the job as the project manager displays, executes and controls its implementation. Throughout this section the project manager interfaces with administration, delegates duties, organises sources and communicates with all stakeholders to make certain well timed and prosperous completion of the project. Interpersonal competencies of influencing, negotiating and speaking are essential to resolving these troubles. Tasks include:

  • Staff administration and improvement
  • Preserving stakeholders educated and controlling their anticipations
  • Measuring and reporting on effectiveness and development
  • Monitoring and managing cost, time and scope
  • Monitoring risk and excellent
  • Getting corrective motion as necessary.


The closing section is the closure section. This is when the project manager delivers the completed project to the proprietor, acknowledges contributions built and documents the do the job. Reflecting on lessons acquired makes sure that this expertise is handed on to guide other professionals.


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