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Troy Reed Magnetic Motor – Electric power Your Car or truck And Your House For Free of charge

The Troy Reed Magnetic Motor is one particular of quite a few illustrations of magnetic motor technologies. Troy Reed was one particular of quite a few lovers who tinkered absent to create his have motor centered on zero level technologies – this enables for the creation of electricity from magnetism and has shattered the entire world of typical physics. In this posting, I’ll convey to you extra about the motor and Reed’s other inventions and how you can use this technologies you so that you you should not ever have to shell out for an electric power invoice again.

1994 – Attempt Reed Announces His Magnetic Motor To The Planet

Reed shown his motor to the entire world in 1994. He claimed that it could generate seven kilowatts of electricity output which is extra than more than enough for the ordinary household’s wants (3 kilowatts).

In his demonstration online video, he demonstrates evidently that no wires are connected to the motor whilst the demonstration bulb stays lit. This would confirm that the bulb was not lit through some other electricity supply but was in fact becoming driven indefinitely by only the motor by itself.

The Surge Car or truck

When Reed announced his magnetic motor to the entire world, he explained that the seven-kilowatt output was adequate to also electricity a frequent auto. He teamed up with Hollywood actor and environmentalist, Dennis Weaver, with a prepare to showcase this to the entire world.

The Surge Car or truck was capable of speeds of up to eighty five miles for every hour. Different videos of it can be uncovered on the internet, with the motor fitting neatly into the engine compartment. Regrettably, the project in no way obtained any serious traction.

How Does Reed’s Magnetic Motor Do the job?

No person is aware of one hundred% precisely the design of Reed’s motor. Nevertheless, it is no mystery that it is centered on magnetic motor/zero level technologies. Reed is not the very first person to have created functioning products of this technologies and he was also not that last.

Zero level physics suggests that the forces thanks to magnetism can be transformed into power. This is compared with typical tips on electricity generation which commonly call for depletion of fuels.

Most magnetic motors call for a kick-start out of power to get them likely. Right after this, the technique is in a point out of equilibrium – the frictional forces from the bearings and air resistance that commonly slow a motor down are in its place balanced out by the repelling drive of the magnets.

How To Make Your Very own Troy Reed Magnetic Motor

Regrettably, industrial products are at least five decades absent. But the superior information is that you can make your have gadget at property.

Reed’s motor, like quite a few other folks, is unnecessarily in excess of-complex. As an alternative of trying to copy his design, you will be considerably better off with a less difficult version that will operate reliably and with tiny upkeep.

If you want to make your have seven-kilowatt concept then a better concept is to investing a modest total (around $fifty) on a superior set of functioning, verified and dependable designs. These will allow you to get up and operating in a number of times in comparison to the extra standard months and decades that pioneers this kind of as Reed and other folks have used in trying to appear up with a functioning solution.