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TRIZ – Periodic Motion

The basic principle of Periodic Motion is precisely as it sounds. This lens involves taking motion in increments to increase performance. The basic principle is typically used as follows:

one. In its place of constant motion, use periodic or pulsating actions

a. i.e. Hitting a nail with a hammer

two. If an motion is already periodic, alter the periodic magnitude or frequency

a. i.e. Substitute a constant siren sound with an alarm that alterations in amplitude and frequency

3. Use pauses among impulses to execute a unique motion

a. i.e. In cardio-pulmonary respiration (CPR), breathe right after just about every 5 upper body compressions

In other text, you glimpse at your challenge, enterprise, or merchandise by way of this lens to identify whether a alter in the motion or a segmentation of the motion will increase the merchandise.

For instance, random drug tests is additional productive than scheduled drug test dates because staff will have no way to anticipate for or get ready to move the screening. If the dates ended up scheduled in advance or transpired with typical frequency, staff could plan their drug use about the set dates or take cleansing pills at an proper time in advance of the display screen.

The siren instance earlier mentioned is a perfect instance of periodic motion. If you watch an previous episode of Mayberry RFD, you’ll listen to the sirens emitting a regular whine. The sirens of nowadays change in frequency and amplitude to alert citizens of risk. The periodic alter in sound can make the alert additional noticeable.

Sabbaticals, Program, and Siestas

Sabbaticals are yet another instance of periodic motion. A sabbatical is a hiatus from the get the job done routine developed to allow for the personnel, typically a professor, scientist, or medical doctor, an option to satisfy a personalized target these kinds of as producing a book or finishing an comprehensive research project. The sabbatical is a career split taken in periodic increments.

Some computers rely on computer software systems to take periodic motion to scan for viruses or defragment the really hard push. The machines can be scheduled to run periodically, typically at night when electric powered fees are lowered and the person will not want to be making use of the personal computer for other tasks.

A siesta is also a periodic motion. Instead than likely to slumber for an extended time period of time, a individual can take a quick nap to increase their alertness and performance.

Can you use periodic actions to increase the performance of your merchandise or service?


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