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The Vertical Project Critique – In depth Critique of the Controversial Vertical Soar Program

The Vertical Project is a vertical leap program developed by Luke Lowrey.

Listed here is a temporary summary of what you get with the program, followed by a in depth assessment.

What You Get In The Program:

  • The Vertical Project E-book.
  • Videos.
  • Workout Charts.


  • Unique Report: “Fast Vertical”.
  • Limitless life span updates.
  • Workout Databank(TM)
  • Total Uncompromised Effectiveness Quantity (UPN(TM)) charts.
  • The Fact(TM) – Best Health For You (e-book)

System Critique:

The Vertical Project is a really popular vertical leap program that statements to “Double Your Vertical Leap”.

It is a fifteen 7 days program consisting of three modules: Training, Recovery, and Finding Started out.

Module 1: Training

  • This module reveals you all the exercises and drills that the program has to present, including diagrams and films.
  • You will master a wide range exercises like plyometrics, isometrics, and water instruction.
  • It also reveals you how to work out your Uncompromised Effectiveness Quantity (UPN(TM)).
  • This lets you establish the exact sets, reps, and weights you will need to use for just about every physical exercise.

Module 2: Recovery

  • This module promotions with write-up-training rest and restoration.
  • You will also master a great deal about nourishment and diet.

Module three: Finding Started out

  • This module basically normally takes what you learnt in the prior modules and results in a program tailored exclusively for you.
  • The program is split into a few 5-7 days instruction phases in buy to stay clear of plateaus.


  • A huge range of exercises.
  • Heaps of fantastic information and facts on instruction, rest and restoration.


  • Hefty price – it expenses A Great deal more than other plans.
  • The Adenotrex nutritional supplement that comes with the program has not been scientifically established to operate nor has it been accredited by the Fda.
  • We do not propose that you buy the Adenotrex nutritional supplement made available.
  • Some exercises have to have added gear that you may well not have e.g. access to a swimming pool.


The Vertical Task is a good program, and it will operate to raise your vertical leap.

On the other hand, I have 2 main concerns with the program:

  • the significant price tag and
  • the Adenotrex nutritional supplement they propose.

If you have the income, the Vertical Project may well be worth checking out.


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