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The Project Go / No-Go Checklist

The Project Implementation decision

A lot of jobs have unsuccessful at the very last hurdle owing to bad implementation arranging or inadequate assessment right away prior to go-stay. It is the Project Manager’s obligation to assure that the implementation has been planned out and communicated to stakeholders, and that enough owing diligence is carried out ahead of the project proceeds. This next point is frequently ignored. A lot of project professionals set together some variety of Project Implementation System or ‘cutover’ program still are unsuccessful to have out the needed demanding assessment to decide irrespective of whether they ought to commence. This short article focuses on this assessment – what is termed the ‘go-stay decision’.

The decision to go-stay or not ought to not be taken lightly it is without doubt just one of the most important choices in the Project lifecycle and having it improper can jeopardise the achievements of the complete project.

Employing a project without every little thing in place could result in:

– unresolved problems

– inadequate tests

– inadequate schooling

– business processes not understood

– treatments not created

– stakeholders skipped

– deficiency of communications

– facts migration failure

– interfaces not working

– technique administration & guidance not in place

– business regions not prepared for the variations

– no contingencies in place

– workflows and exceptions not mapped out

– no backups and catastrophe restoration in place

– inadequate technique safety

– unclear duties, accountabilities and ownership

– inadequate implementation technique

And eventually…

– technique / software failure

– affect to the business / organisation

– project failure

While the Project Manager is constantly less than strain to provide in just schedule, at times it is prudent for them to stage again and hold off go-stay fairly than risk the consequences of steaming ahead.

What owing diligence desires to be finished?

Preferably the Project ought to protected an independent resource to carry out the readiness evaluation. If the assessment is carried out by the Project Manager, or people today closely related with the project, there is a risk of bias or influence from the strain to carry out on time. Applying an independent resource delivers a level of impartiality and thus credibility to the decision producing procedure. It is also valuable to get an outsider’s point of view, specifically if it truly is from somebody with a long time of project knowledge and understanding. Nicely funded jobs frequently utilize exterior consultants to carry out audits and healthchecks all through the project lifecycle, like the go-stay readiness assessments.

Regrettably not all jobs have the suggests or wish to utilize consultants, and thus will need to utilise inner team. In this situation it truly is most effective to use a resource with prior project knowledge (e.g. yet another project manager), but with no vested curiosity in the end result of the project. This improves the likelihood of an aim end result & tips. Try to remember it is in the project manager’s passions to get an sincere evaluation of where the project is truly at, as any key deficiencies have to be both addressed or mitigated towards ahead of go-stay. If the end result of the evaluation is pre-determined or intentionally slanted, there is very little point in accomplishing the evaluation!

If it truly is not doable to protected an independent inner resource to have out the readiness evaluation, the Project Manager can do it them selves. On the other hand they will need to make certain that they give an sincere account of the scenario, inquire looking thoughts of people today and will not disguise issues. These assessments ought to in no way be done without comprehensive consultation, as it truly is important to discuss to as lots of project people today as doable to find out the genuine point out of perform. Some people today could disguise issues or only explain to you the positives. It is important to get the ‘warts and all’ look at, as any key issues and roadblocks have to be uncovered and addressed ahead of a decision is created.

Implementation Checklist

What ought to the evaluation include? Instead than commencing from scratch, it truly is less complicated to use an Implementation Checklist. This delivers a commencing place, centered on typical most effective exercise, and makes certain that you will not miss out on any key regions in your evaluate. Use what’s in the checklist to prompt other thoughts and checks that could be suitable to the project.

The project does not have to tick all of the packing containers to commence, and there is no expected score or pass/are unsuccessful mark. On the other hand, if there are a number of obtrusive gaps the decision turns into pretty apparent. The checklist can help to establish really serious gaps and deficiencies to be addressed ahead of go-stay. It could also provide guidance for even more resources or means if a specific place desires addressing. The checklist ought to guidance the decision producing procedure, fairly than variety the foundation of a decision. Whoever helps make the decision (typically a steering committee) have to also take into account the even larger image and consist of other aspects this kind of as exterior pressures, urgency to commence, appetite for risk, consequences of delays…and many others.

If significant gaps are determined, it is normally considerably better for all worried to hold off implementation until eventually these gaps have been addressed / mitigated. The implications and expenditures of a unsuccessful or troublesome go-stay are frequently considerably worse than a minor hold off in the schedule. The only exception to this is if there is a non-negotiable implementation date (e.g. a reaction to legislation variations that have to be in by a specific date). In this situation the gaps on the checklist ought to be prioritised and addressed in order of great importance and potential to take care of. In this situation by going-stay the steering committee would effectively be accepting the dangers determined in the evaluation, on the foundation that assembly the implementation date is a lot more important than mitigating the dangers and owning a easy go-stay.


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