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SWOT Examination in Project Management

SWOT is an acronym of Strengths, Weaknesses, Prospects and Threats and as these titles advise it is not purely a approach made use of for managing places of setting up and risk but it is also made use of to highlight places of the project that could be maximised to the profit of the whole project or unique places the place some aggressive edge may perhaps be obtained. It is made use of to assess distinct functions of the project in buy to optimise their likely as effectively as to assess dangers in buy to determine the most ideal way of mitigating individuals dangers.

SWOT analysis is typically carried out for the duration of the initial project begin-up period so that the features of the analysis can variety the foundation of the project strategy, but it can also be made use of afterwards in the project if the project is running into troubles with scheduling, deliverables or price range and requirements to be introduced back on keep track of.

For example, if a specified crucial activity in the project involves new software, a SWOT Examination can be made use of to evaluate the dangers and the chances of paying for the software and coaching staff in its use in buy to assistance with the useful resource setting up.

Undertaking a SWOT Examination

A SWOT analysis session should constantly have a very clear goal and it is the Project Manager’s obligation to converse that goal to all individuals current at the session. A standard session will contain all stakeholders, the place doable, and crucial members of the project team. If the analysis is currently being carried out at the begin of a project, the goal is likely to be entirely determining all required functions and likely dangers so that a proper strategy can be set in location. On the other hand, if it is currently being done for the duration of an ongoing project, the goal may perhaps be to re-evaluate the price range or timetable.

For the reason that the goals of a SWOT Examination can differ so also can the concerns made use of to elicit the required facts. For this cause there is not a common established of pre-described concerns that will meet each and every condition but each and every session have to have a established of concerns penned down ahead of the session to make sure the attendees remained focussed. This, yet again, is the project manager’s obligation. Relying on the urgency of finishing the analysis and commencing the project setting up period, it may perhaps be required to mail out the concerns in progress to allow for attendees the opportunity of collecting any pertinent facts in progress.

Common concerns for each and every aspect of the SWOT Examination are stated beneath:


  • Does the firm have the required abilities in-home?
  • Has a price range been assigned to the project?
  • What are the business positive aspects of finishing the project?
  • Will the project involve new technologies or tools?
  • How skilled is the project team on similar initiatives?

Weak spot

  • Is there a reliable estimate of fees readily available?
  • Does the firm have the price range to provide contingency funding?
  • What are the drawbacks of the project?
  • Will components of the project want to be outsourced?
  • Is the proposed timetable sensible?


  • Can a community project be leveraged nationally or internationally?
  • Do the rivals have any weaknesses?
  • What are the most current business developments?
  • Are there any new, or imminent, technologies developments?


  • Is there effectively-set up level of competition already in the marketplace?
  • Are skilled staff tricky to switch?
  • Has new technologies been entirely examined?
  • Could national or global financial ailments impact the project?

The record of concerns to use in a SWOT analysis could, obviously, be significantly for a longer time than the primary concerns stated above, but using these in your very own distinct project will provide a superior commencing issue. Undertaking a comprehensive SWOT analysis at the starting, or any stage, of a project will provide you with specific facts to assistance you in the setting up and conclusion-creating procedures of a project.


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