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Successful Nagging: The High-quality Art of Project Management

In my experienced everyday living I have accomplished a entire large amount of project management, in some cases as a project/program manager and in some cases when I was supposed to be undertaking a little something else (according to my title). Virtually no a person outside the house the groups in which I labored truly understood what that meant. Now I’m a specialist specializing in project and program administration additional than ever I get the query ‘so what precisely do you do?’.

So what precisely does a project manager do?

Now that I’m producing a residing with program and project management in my constitution the query comes from all over – buddies, business associates, potential shoppers. By this time I have plenty of explanations and illustrations I can pull out of my hat to test to make it obvious that I really do have authentic task. I recognized the other working day, while, that it all comes down to this: I nag people today for a residing. (My mother is so very pleased.)

Guaranteed there are a large amount of components to being a successful project or program manager. Risk investigation, management, reporting, setting up, being familiar with necessities… but to make it all do the job I have to nag. A large amount. All the time.

Nagging… it truly is component of the task

When I was a youthful whippersnapper of a project manager this used to annoy me immensely. I experienced a large amount of items to do, fast paced fast paced fast paced – why couldn’t all people just do what they have been supposed to do? It took decades to recognize that I was the a person with the major photograph in my head of the priorities and how items in good shape together and what needed to be accomplished upcoming. (Definitely, who but the project manager ever truly reads a project prepare other than to appear for their names and for the start off/conclusion dates of significant milestones? It is really a unhappy actuality but a person that need to be confronted.)

The upcoming significant hurdle then was finding out to nag in a way that obtained people today to really respond with responses. Very first there was the problem of not wanting to annoy people today (I have gotten over that) so I failed to talk to generally sufficient. When I began inquiring additional generally, normally by using electronic mail simply because that was most easy, simply because I generally do the job with distributed teams, and to be totally honest simply because I failed to have to confront anybody, I found I was fading into the noise and failed to get any responses till I obtained truly pushy. No a person was really joyful with that approach (usually known as make sure you… make sure you… make sure you… make sure you… make sure you… make sure you..Ok, now I’m out of time, GIVE ME AN Reply Suitable NOW).

The authentic solution of nagging

Luckily for us, a mate taught me the solution of successful nagging (by making use of it on me). I now start with an electronic mail, then stick to up in particular person or on the cellphone or Skype. I’m awesome but I nag with escalating frequency. When a person understands that I will in actuality contact and really pleasantly talk to how they are undertaking with a little something – every working day if I need to have to – they tend to put me at the leading of their listing as an avoidance maneuver. They are not able to truly get indignant simply because I’m helpful and conversational, but I am relentless.

And my piece de resistance of nagging – make an agenda merchandise for the project meeting inquiring for any updates I have not gotten offline. When again I’m well mannered and nice and really formal devoid of naming names (giving people today a person past prospect to get me what I need to have devoid of possessing to do it in a meeting), then businesslike and geared up in the meeting.

Who knew nagging was an artwork? I might far better wrap this up, I have some people today I need to have to… um… speak to.


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