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Solar Tzu Art of War – Controlling a Large Power Like a Tiny Power

Solar Tzu said: Controlling a big pressure can be very similar to handling a small pressure. It is a make any difference of corporation and framework. To direct and manage a big pressure can be very similar to directing and controlling a small pressure. It is a make any difference of communications and formations.
Chapter 5, Solar Tzu Art of War

In these lines, Solar Tzu discuss about how to use a big pressure like a small pressure. The following variable determines it and they are:

1) Firm Composition

two) Conversation

three) Development

Now we all know that a big pressure has numerical toughness and when they go in teams, they are equipped to get over a whole lot of worries, but a single lethal qualities of a big pressure in my belief is agility. It cannot go fast mainly because command from a single place will choose a extensive time to vacation to the essential and vital destinations in the pressure. This will make a big pressure significantly less nimble than a small pressure and we all know speed is of the essence both of those in war and enterprise. So how do we implement the previously mentioned understanding to enterprise, let’s have a seem.

Organization Software

Firm Composition

How is your company structured? How several departments are there? In every single department, how several folks are there? Who is heading every single department? How several amounts are there involving the head of department to the most affordable level? Which details flows to which department? Essential details has to move by way of how several amounts in the hierarchy before it can be effected? These are some of the queries you need to seem into when you are reviewing your corporation framework.

You also have to choose if there is a have to have to set up new departments for a selected features. This is mainly because with every single new addition into your corporation, you run a risk of confusion, if scope of duty is not outlined plainly.


The subsequent essential aspect is conversation. As outlined in my other report, you have to have to have details move to suitable departments and vital personnel. But there is a single unique way in which it could impede details flows and that is human mistake. For illustration, e-mail to the mistaken addresses, forgot to connect with, and skipped out selected attached files when the e-mail is sent out. To err is human, such issues are unavoidable. A checklist would then be valuable listed here.

Just one point to observe listed here is that, your corporation might have to cultivate a framework such that staff members who choose right initiatives are rewarded. In any other case, who would want to choose a single if you do not reward them for the right motion executed but punish them when they took the mistaken motion.


Now in these days, when Solar Tzu was producing the e book, formations would refer to how the cavalry, infantry and chariots are arranged and positioned in the battlefield. You would then ask, what is ‘formation’ in the enterprise globe? It would indicate what are the folks or departments involve in a selected projects. Are the folks with complementary and suitable expertise sets in this crew? Could a nutritious amount of conflicts be generated so that a good approach can be devised? It all boils down to how you piece your staff members, like a jigsaw puzzle items and come up with the greatest image you have ever seen.


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