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Sample Information Management Program: Objective, Goals, Hierarchy, Stakeholders

Acme Residence Advancements de Mexico, SA de CV Information Company Section

Information Management Program

The Information Management Program documents the aims and solutions for improving and assessing the use of details inside of Acme de Mexico (AMC). The system consists of the adhering to sections: Objective, Goals, Stakeholder Team Information Necessities, Overview of Information System Style, Other AMC Environment Procedures, Protection Plan, Schooling Essential, Upkeep and Long run Advancements of the System and Preparing Spending plan.

I. Objective

The goal of the Information Management Program is to give an define for assessing and improving details utilization and administration inside of AMC.

II. Goals

The aims of the details administration scheduling system are to assess AMC’s details demands and put into practice answers. Proposed answers should address the adhering to topics:

a. Section types, measurement and composition
b. Recent details method

III. Stakeholder Groups Outlined and Information Necessities (with Assigned Roles and

Hierarchy Chart as enclosures)

a. Stakeholder Groups Outlined

Venture Sponsor – CEO: Responsible for the over-all operation of Acme de Mexico Town. The CEO demands an Information Management (IM) system for powerful conversation with the group. The system need to be done no later than April one, 2008.

Information Management Program two

Venture Manager – CIO: Responsible for the implementation and development of the IM system. The CIO oversees the work of the IM system, will make suggestions and assists others with developing their parts for the IM system. CIO need to assure that the system is submitted on time to the CEO.

Venture Staff – COO, CFO, CLO, Director of HR, Director of Advertising and marketing, IT Applications and Integration Manager and Keep Operations Manager: Responsible for their departments and for a selection of needed polices and procedures. They work in conjunction with interior departments of the group and assure that each and every director understands each and every others task and guidelines that impact them.

Support Workers – Assistant CIO, Consumer Company Manager/Front-finish Manager, Logistics Manager, Stock Command/Protection Manager, Director of Economic Assessment, Director of Staffing and Schooling and Organization Growth Manager: Supports their office and others on a essential foundation. They work carefully with their directors and/or supervisors and report any fears to them instantly.

Customers: Mexico City’s citizens, tourist and the neighboring towns are the buyers that Acme de Mexico Town provider. Acme has a obligation to give them with the demands and wants that they count on from a household improvement retail outlet. Acme staff are interior buyers and each and every office need to deal with Acme staff as if they ended up exterior buyers, servicing them with what they need to have to execute their work at the anticipated degree of

Acme requirements.

Consumers: Customers of Acme de Mexico will be the customers of our products and solutions, services and other miscellaneous applications these as self checkout counters. Acme staff are also customers of not only our products and solutions and services but the infrastructure as properly.

Suppliers: Plumbing and electrical, setting up supplies, hardware and applications, seasonal, yard and garden things and paint, flooring and wall coverings are all staying provided to us by the 5,000 distributors who have provided us in the previous with their 40,000 distinctive products and solutions. It is the obligation of the Keep Manager, Stock Command Manager, Consumer Company Manager and Logistics Manager to assure that they products and solutions are sent on time and meet up with the technical specs of Acme supplied products and solutions.


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