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Regular Eddie Personalities in the Office

“S” form personalities are the “Regular Eddie” folks between us that concentrate on folks rather than tasks and are generally far more introverted than extroverted. They place far more focus on other individuals than on on their own.

These folks are the ones that you can normally rely on in any condition. They try to make sure you and function tricky to preserve harmony in all conditions.

These are the Florence Nightengales of this planet, the Barbara Bushes, the Mom Teresas. They like to enable other folks and function tricky to generate a steady surroundings at function and at property.

Every single workforce requirements to have one particular or far more S form personalities. They like teamwork and try to create a positive function surroundings where by all people is respected and included. They are quite procedure oriented and want to have pre-established procedures for all of their function and not entire function that is in “uncharted territory”.

S’s, like any of the persona features, have strengths and weaknesses. I have summarized these features in the next table


  • Stability
  • Excellent listeners
  • Affected individual and tolerant
  • Sensible
  • Harmony – does not like conflict
  • Complete constantly
  • Allows other individuals
  • Develops specialised abilities
  • Results in a steady surroundings

 Required Operate Surroundings

  • Exactly where honest appreciation is presented for function executed
  • Demands procedure and time to complete function
  • Acceptance
  • Routine maintenance of surroundings without having transform
  • Predictable routines
  • Typical operating procedures
  • Small conflict

 Needs Persons Who

  • Tackle unpredicted transform
  • Tackle conflict
  • Are adaptable
  • Who can implement tension to other individuals when necessary

 To be far more powerful

  • Requires appreciation
  • Consistency
  • Apparent route
  • Ought to be conditioned in advance of transform occurs
  • Ought to know how his or her effort contributes
  • Ought to have creative imagination encouraged

 Major Strengths

  • Tolerant
  • Affected individual
  • Faithful
  • Staff participant
  • Trustworthy
  • Supportive
  • Manages repetitive function
  • Sensible and arranged

 Major Limitations

  • Underneath stress can come to be stubborn and not want to negotiate
  • Sudden transform
  • Indecisive
  • Oversensitive
  • Retains a grudge
  • Does not like working with conflict

 Dealing with S Sorts

  • Give enough element
  • Be honest
  • Give time for choices
  • Decrease chance
  • Allow them know you care for them as folks.

If you are an S form persona, your most important obstacle is to deal productively with transform and conditions demanding brief choices. Modify and choices that will not slide into pre-existing procedures can be tense. Operate with your workforce to handle and foresee transform and build guidelines all around selection timing. Make certain that you give your self suitable time to believe as a result of concerns in advance of you have to make a selection.

If you are handling an S, be conscious of these issues and present a reduced conflict function surroundings entire with pre-established procedures and procedures. Try not to put them in a revolutionary form purpose. Give the S suitable time to make choices and pull them into conversations all around workforce making.

If you stick to these essential guidelines your interaction with S form personalities will be much far more enjoyable and significantly far more effective!

For far more specifics make sure you refer to the Toughness Zone website.


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