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Punctuality – The Vital to Results

Punctuality is “the quantity a person most impressive individual discipline in all the environment.” – Dan Kennedy.

Why do consider that someone like Dan Kennedy would area so a lot importance on punctuality? Since he is prosperous and punctuality suggests accomplishment, integrity and have confidence in.

Ever walk into a meeting late and anyone just form of stares at you? If you have not excellent, me possibly, but so many people do. I come across this really disturbing mainly because when that particular person walks in late it takes absent the importance of the meeting by dropping the link with the people who were being prompt. This particular person finds that staying late is attractive.


I see it as pure conceitedness! By not staying prompt they sense they have the benefit of drawing consideration to them, staying a lot more significant the other people, but the message they are seriously conveying is irresponsibility, disrespect, and lack of self-regard not only for on their own but for other people.

Is this a particular person you consider you would invest in from or do organization with? In all probability not.

Why do you consider this could be? Nicely when someone won’t regard your time and electrical power plenty of to be prompt then why do you consider that they will regard you plenty of to get the product you have asked for to you on time? They most probably is not going to and is not going to automatically have an excuse about it possibly. That is just the way it is.

Mediocrity at its greatest.

Punctuality is vital to your accomplishment. Being punctual says that you regard oneself, your time and your organization, and that you have a large self-esteem. By staying prompt you will come across oneself “judging” other people and earning very clear and decisive conclusions that will continuously safeguard and improve your organization.

You will master that by means of punctuality you will be able to command the regard of other people and by practising promptness other people in your business will regard your time a lot more. It is form of like putting ‘fear’ into them without having to say a phrase.

Dale Carnegie writer and author set it best: “if you want to earn mates and affect people , be prompt.”


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