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Project Management – Key Things to do When Setting up a Project

During the initiation and preparing phases of a project, there are a number of essential actions to be done. I am going to cover three of the most significant actions in this short article:

one. Scope Definition
2. Organizing
three. Communications


I simply cannot stress plenty of the relevance of locking down the scope at the commencing of project.

Making use of a scope document, it is essential to outline accurately what is in scope and what is not. Of training course, you will need to have to do the job with the project sponsors and, at occasions, the project group to do this. Once the scope is outlined, it is vital to have official indication-off.

Keep in mind, if the scope is not locked down and agreed to, compact variations at the commencing of a project will perhaps have big ramifications afterwards on – perhaps to resources, expenses, skill to meet company goals, and many others.

For case in point, if a ship leaves San Francisco sure for Hawaii and is 2 degrees off training course, the ship will pass up Hawaii completely. A insignificant training course correction in this area at the commencing of a project will be certain your project does not stray considerably off training course.


Establishing a superior program is also essential. When done ideal, superior preparing will typically be certain the execution section of a project operates really smoothly – barring any unforeseen issues.

Establishing a sequential program (step one, step 2, and many others.) and knowing what can be operate in parallel are also significant. Plainly defining the do the job and breaking it into compact do the job units is a essential step. Once these do the job units are outlined, resources can effortlessly be assigned centered on availability and talent sets.

It’s significant not to rush project preparing. It’s far better to devote a small further time developing a superior program than it is to try out to training course accurate all through the execution section when far more resources are typically engaged and the impacts are greater.


This is one of my very hot buttons. Superior, regular and consistent communications are essential!

What do I necessarily mean by this? Nicely, communications need to be prepared in advance and effectively thought out with the doable exception of emergencies. Here is a uncomplicated case in point of an ongoing communications program:

one. Weekly Status Report – sent only to project group just about every Friday
2. Weekly Project Conference Notes – sent only to project group just about every Wednesday
three. Every month Project Report – sent to all stakeholders and sponsors past Thursday of just about every thirty day period

This is a simplified case in point but, as you can see, there is a definitive program for communicating. By communicating in an structured manner, your project group and sponsors will know accurately what to count on and, as a side outcome, this will assistance establish their confidence in your do the job.

Tip one: superior or negative, always converse the accurate position. This will shield you as effectively as assistance sponsors know when to engage and help.

Tip 2: by continuously showing progress with resource names attached (e.g. endeavor one because of on this day – assigned to John Smith), far more typically than not this visibility will provide as a normal self-motivator for the assigned particular person to entire his or her do the job on time. Generally, no extra follow up or prodding is needed.

By focusing on the essential actions at the commencing, jobs get started stronger and typically operate substantially, substantially smoother.


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