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Project Management in an ITIL World

There are a lot of strategies project management can be made use of correctly in an ITIL World these types of as acquiring new software apps or designing and deploying new IT infrastructure. One particular of the finest strategies project management can be made use of is in Continuous Service Improvement (CSI). IT companies are frequently tasked with acquiring greater strategies to deal with the community but regretably IT is so concentrated on preventing fires there isn’t really enough time to stage back again, analyze the difficulty and deploy an enhancement.

How would a business go about working with project management for CSI? In which to start?

A project manager would use primary project management methodology (PMBOK, which is the Project Management Reserve of Understanding). The measurement of project would ascertain which pieces and in what quantity of PMBOK is made use of. In other words only the total of project management that is required is made use of. In the situation of a CSI project frequently only a smaller total of project management is desired. In CSI a charge/profit project need to be performed 1st to ascertain which space is the most significant to handle. When that is done, a project for strengthening that space can be created. For the charge/profit project the Project Manger (PM) would produce a just one to two paragraph project scope alongside with a short plan which would describe how the project will be executed. The scope of this project would be to carry out a charge-profit on ITIL procedures. Most most likely it would be an evaluation of the latest Service Degree Agreements (SLAs) and how individuals SLAs are meeting the needs of the organization.

The project plan of the charge/profit project would contain the methods desired, the timetable and spending budget. The technique made use of for identifying what needs to resolved is to collect data from professional events and stakeholders as to the wished-for SLA the foreseeable future state. What the IT group thinks the SLA need to be (and can attain) and what the organization needs is frequently rather unique. Not long ago I listened to a CIO say that in healthcare a hundred% community uptime is desired. Possessing an outage through a telesurgery (remote medical procedures) is a lifestyle and demise difficulty. As he said, “Five 9s of community availability just won’t reduce it.”

The main team for this investigation would be a team of leaders, largely from IT, who could determine the hassle spots and have the complex expertise and methods to be element of the solution.

This could appear to be like a good deal of work just to determine the space for method enhancement and that is why a lot of companies just bypass this work. Often business will just select an space and “Just Do It” take care of the challenge. Having said that it is truly worth the time and 3 crucial objects consequence from this charge/profit investigation of SLAs. 1st, the criteria for identifying which SLAs need to resolved and why have been created through the charge/profit investigation. 2nd, by performing this evaluation, the SLAs that will need to be resolved have been identified and put in get of priority dependent their charge, risk and profit to the group. As just one space, method or SLA is preset, the next space of reduce priority can be tackled.

3rd, any dependencies between SLAs have identified as element of the charge/profit investigation. For illustration, let’s say the SLA for restoring electronic mail outages is four hrs but only eighty% of the time is that SLA achieved and the need is to meet it ninety five% of the time. An evaluation would will need to be produced to fully grasp the dependencies of the electronic mail process, these types of as community availability and fully grasp the OLAs for community availability. If the OLA for community availability is four hrs, there is no way for the electronic mail services to be back again on the web in four hrs because that services is dependent on community availability (LAN/WAN). A goal of two hrs restoration for the LAN/WAN is most likely desired in get to meet the four hour SLA for electronic mail. Each individual dependency of the electronic mail services will will need to be examined and an enhancement plan will will need to be created for each individual dependency if they are on the significant path of the electronic mail SLA.

When the charge/profit investigation project is done, the findings are offered to administration, alongside with a advice as to which SLA to handle 1st. When managements blessing is gained, the project for generating a new method to attain the SLA can be commenced. The PM will:

• produce a project scope

• collect any needs for the new SLA

• ascertain the CSI team

• produce a project plan

The 1st stage is to collect crucial folks from the relevant spots to produce a main team that will acquire the project plan. The team need to be produced up of folks that have a immediate part in meeting the SLA and folks that are impacted by the SLA.

When the main team is assembled the PM will:

• produce a method stream for meeting the latest SLA

With any luck , the latest method for meeting the SLA had been documented previously, but frequently it is not. When the latest method has been documented the next stage would be to carry out a root induce investigation to locate the cause(s) for not meeting the latest SLA. The solution could not be as basic as earning adjustments to OLAs and SLAs as made use of in the illustration previously mentioned.

• produce a new method on paper with extensive input from the CSI team

There are a lot of methods to acquire remedies like fishbone diagrams (Ishikawa diagrams), flowcharting, and many others. the crucial stage it to lay out, stage by stage the actions taken alongside with the handoffs between groups and any wait occasions. The output from this collection of sessions is a method that will meet the SLA regularly heading ahead. This is wherever project management can aid by participating the CSI team in systematic imagining to locate a superior solution that will work on a consistent basis. Often the solution is not quickly apparent and impressive suggestions are a must. The team will produce a record of pursuits that will need to be carried out to meet the SLA.

When the new method has been identified and flowcharted on paper, the next will just take area.

• determine the methods desired to produce the new method (i.e. earning adjustments to software and many others.)

• determine time and charge for the project deliverables

• produce a spending budget once all the charges are identified

• produce the significant path for the undertaking

• produce timetable

• determine any challenges (at a high stage they need to previously been created)

• produce communication plan to update stakeholders of new method

• produce metrics to guarantee new OLAs and SLA is remaining meet

• connect method to administration in get to get “go ahead” to execute undertaking

• hold kickoff meeting for the undertaking

Even though is not an all inclusive record of what needs to be carried out as element of the CSI project, it does deliver the significant ways. When the new method is created the next stage is trial the solution, if possible, and if the pilot goes effectively, get the arrangement of the stakeholders to put the new method in area. Element of the project plan will have been a migration plan to put into practice the method.

There are 3 crucial outcomes from a productive CSI engagement. 1st the business gets profit from an improved SLA. 2nd, CSI assignments can frequently be carried out rapidly so prospects, complex team and method homeowners will see the speedy profit. 3rd, this fast gain will whet the appetite for using on a lot more complex and even bigger CSI assignments as effectively as the means to do so. Applying project management for CSI supplies excellent profit in the ITIL World.


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