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Project Closure Best Follow – How to Triumph over the Troubles of Project Understanding

An vital function that the project manager requirements to facilitate in the course of the project management closure, is learning from project experience.

The philosopher George Santayana claimed, “Individuals who are unable to discover from heritage are doomed to repeat it.”

In some cases this is referred to as Santayana’s Law of Repetitive Penalties and nowhere is it a lot more obvious than in project based operate. The increasing tempo of improve in the workplace usually would make it tough to discover from experience, as processes and personnel are continually changing.

I have seasoned this quickly paced phenomenon even though executing operate for a company consumer recently. Pursuing typical finest follow in project management closure, I normally agenda a good closure workshop at the close of jobs. For a lot of of my project groups this was their initial experience of executing opinions of any type. But they derived so considerably value from revisiting the unique project goal and goals, the scope, milestones and deliverables that have been reached. By the time we reviewed Lessons Realized, all group members have been actively collaborating.

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I appreciate these opinions as it confirms a feeling of achievement, satisfaction and fulfillment for all group members. The lessons learned are then logged and archived with other project documentation for potential reference. I typically distribute the project shut-out stories with the lessons learned to the broader departmental groups in recognition of the team’s attempts and to make their colleagues aware of their achievements.

In my belief, to successfully discover from project experience needs a normal and consistent method that can be integrated into any project management methodology.

In this article are a several strategies to assist any project group discover from experience:

1. Create a venue for sharing lessons-learned: It would not matter regardless of whether you phone it a write-up-mortem, a project evaluate, or a project closure workshop, most companies don’t do them-but they ought to.

2. Share what has been learned: Even though most companies don’t hassle with a project evaluate, those that do don’t normally build an setting that encourages authentic learning-and even much less share what was learned.

three. Do not make learning the subsequent company initiative: It is really all-natural for companies to try out to formalize the learning system into the subsequent company project. The all-natural learning system ought to be inspired and lessons learned can and ought to even be part of progress discussions.

Understanding ought to not be a a person-time exercise or some thing to be accomplished when time permits: This ought to be ongoing and interactive-with all project group members actively collaborating.

Each group has distinct requirements. Some count on their project program and methodology to assist facilitate the learning system. I imagine that is superior, but even companies that don’t use any distinct project management applications need to have to build an setting wherever project learning can regularly acquire area.


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