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Pet Project – Restoring a Wood Picnic Desk

There is certainly no reason to go and purchase new furniture when restoring properly good aged furniture is additional charge-powerful and enjoyment. You may possibly currently personal an aged wooden picnic desk, or else you can choose just one up at a flea sector or antique retail outlet. Although it might not search like a lot to get started with, with a good cleaning and some new finish, the outcomes may possibly just surprise you.

Select a good workspace

When doing work on outside furniture you want a put that is open, effectively-ventilated and ideally outdoors. Yards, garages and decks are likely to get the job done very best. When doing work on flooring, like a wooden deck, that can get stained or damaged by cleaners and solvents, spray the flooring down with some h2o as effectively. This will dilute runoff from the cleaning solution.


To get started, you will require to soaked your wooden picnic desk and take out free debris. Begin by spraying the desk down with a hose to get off dust, dust and cobwebs. By saturating the desk, it will also get additional evenly to the cleaning solution. Moreover, it will maintain the desk from drying out much too quickly, which will get stained with buildup if cleaner is left on it.

As soon as all big make a difference has been hosed absent you can shift on to your cleaning solution. Wooden-precise cleaners and wood deck cleaners each get the job done effectively to take out dust and discoloration when restoring some of the initial colour to furniture. If you have some more stubborn spots you can get the job done in a concentrated solvent solution of possibly chlorine or bleach combined with h2o, but use caution when doing work with caustic substances. Whichever you use, apply the solution all more than making use of a hose or rag and allow for it to set for a couple of minutes. Then, use two stiff brushes, just one big, just one smaller to scrub all flat surfaces and also get down into the cracks of your wooden picnic desk.

When your wooden picnic desk is as clean up as you want it to be, rinse off any leftovers traces of cleaner. You really should be equipped to inform that the wood appears to be like each brighter and cleaner by now. Subsequent, enable the desk dry absolutely right before continuing to the subsequent move.


A person byproduct of cleaning a wooden picnic desk is that the grain of the wood will are likely to increase as a outcome. You can accurate this by making use of a mild grade sandpaper but be mindful not to more than-sand as this will not only injury the wood but will hinder the desk from very best absorbing a new coating of finish.


As soon as you have stripped absent all of the poor you can get started the rebuilding course of action. The first move is deciding on whether or not you wish to apply a wood stain. Stains not only provide to brighten up uninteresting, grayish woods but it also serves as a measure of safety to the wood by itself. A gel stain is effective primarily for a wooden picnic desk, because it will not drip in among the slats. Using a paintbrush or applicator pad, apply a slender and even layer of stain.

A different alternative you have to make is whether to varnish your wooden picnic desk. Leaving outside wood furniture unfinished will trigger it to climate the natural way more than time and get a grey patina coloration. Oil-based mostly finishes are good on most forms of patio lumber and offers a shiny sheen when preserving the heartwood from cracking, warping and rotting. Just after you apply the finish, if it appears to be like hazy you can buff it making use of metal wool.