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Measuring the Business enterprise Value of Project Information

Can you picture dropping all small business knowledge including your accounts receivable, project knowledge and customer info? What would you do? As small business entrepreneurs with yrs of know-how in our discipline, we are proud of the lots of assignments we have concluded, the customers that we have extensive relationships with and the extraordinary training and project experience of our critical team. For any company that has been in small business for lots of yrs, the info about our assignments and folks is captured in many paperwork, reports, resumes and proposals in just our small business.

Numerous databases might capture significant enterprise info about your enterprise. If you have a project accounting database to capture time and expense on your assignments, there is a significant amount of specific knowledge about every of these assignments. You might also have other knowledge sources including a CRM database, HR method, proposal and photo library or Outlook that captures a prosperity of info desired and used each individual working day to control assignments, folks, keep client relationships and earn new small business. What is the benefit of all of this significant knowledge?

Most corporations do not recognize or set ample benefit on their project knowledge, and as a result do not protect its integrity, safety or preservation in an ample way. The intention for this post is twofold – to test and enable you set a “price tag” or benefit on your project knowledge, and enable produce an urgency about evaluating and enhancing the catastrophe restoration methods utilized by your company.

While we know there is a benefit to our experience and the assignments our company has concluded, we do not display this asset on our balance sheet with a dollar benefit. For a company that has been in small business a extensive time or labored on lots of high profile assignments, the benefit could be significant. These assignments enable us earn lots of new assignments and obtain notoriety and publicity. We use this info everyday when bidding new assignments and examining our general performance and profitability to determine wherever to reduce costs or adjust the scope of a deal.

For a company with ten yrs experience, averaging 25 workers in excess of the yrs, the knowledge could be valued in the ballpark of $250,000! This is based mostly on individually witnessing lots of customers that have misplaced their knowledge, and the extraordinary price of re-creation. Getting rid of knowledge is extra frequent than you may well assume. Throughout my 23 yrs of application consulting, corporations misplaced knowledge because of to fireplace, components failure, application failure, theft, backup failure, sabotage and viruses.

While lots of of our customers recognize the benefit of their earlier project knowledge, we are regularly astounded by individuals customers willing to “start in excess of” and not convert their complete earlier project record when converting to a new method. For instance, in 2008, we had two of our Deltek FMS customers reduce all of their method knowledge. In equally situations the bring about was components failure with malfunctioning backups. Our consultants noticed first hand the substantial amount of operate and unbelievable price of trying to re-produce this knowledge from aged reports, invoices, lender statements and timesheets.

But dropping the knowledge is just a small part of this disastrous experience. Our customers now lacked the means to invoice on time or accumulate excellent receivables, as effectively as monitor costs on their present-day assignments. These costs extra up exponentially. Due to the fact of payroll and billing deadlines, these customers had to get up and managing as promptly as feasible. They faced challenges because of to incomplete info. Each the financial and intangible costs of this scenario were being great. Our goal is to enable our customers steer clear of this style of small business catastrophe.

Measuring the small business benefit of your project record and the price to switch misplaced record will enable you detect how significant this knowledge is to your company. Our enterprise has made a questionnaire to enable our client’s benefit their historical knowledge. The questionnaire identifies important info about your company these as number of yrs in small business, number of and duration of assignments, workers, number of yrs of historical knowledge accessible and the types and complexity of assignments you have concluded or are in development. It will also detect the number and types of proposals produced every calendar year, the types of knowledge becoming tracked in addition to standard accounting (HR, Govt. Compliance, Payroll, and many others) and the range of experience of your staff. The moment this knowledge has been complied, you will start off to recognize the benefit your knowledge supplies to your company every month, and the price to switch it (or prospect price of not acquiring it).

This knowledge should be safeguarded and being aware of its genuine benefit to your company will ideally enable you make improved selections about long term knowledge conversions, application upgrades, internal controls, safety, catastrophe restoration, virus security, feasible mergers and acquisitions and components purchases. Even though this historical small business asset can not be mirrored on your balance sheet, you can start to incorporate the perception that this worthwhile asset is important to your firm’s practices and selections.

The intention for this post was not to scare you. It was to enable you recognize the remarkable asset that your company has simply because of all of the incredible project experience in your method. It is also meant to motivate you to determine the benefit of this knowledge and do all the things you can to protect it just like you would any other asset of this amount.


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