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Management Centered on Biblical Principles – King David – A Profile in Leadership

The Christian Bible is loaded with numerous examples of good and terrible management models. A person of the good models is King David, the next King of historical Israel. David was significantly from fantastic. However, royal court docket composer, Asaph wrote the subsequent about his traits as a chief: “David shepherded them with integrity of heart with skillful palms he led them.” In this profile, we can discern 4 traits of a top quality chief/supervisor. This post briefly discusses the 4 characteristics.


The very first time period that describes David’s model of management is that he shepherded the folks. To shepherd suggests to care for. This suggests that David not only dominated more than the folks but he also cherished and cared for them. When tending sheep, a shepherd understands just about every member of his flock intimately. In point, he understands them by title. If just one of them wanders off, he goes following them and sacrifices himself to help save the sheep. Asaph claims that David shepherded the folks.

Integrity of Heart

The next top quality stated in Asaph’s description is integrity. Integrity suggests sustaining the best ethical and ethical normal. It suggests that David dominated with pure motives and with the best of intentions. David did make problems. But, when he produced problems he owned up to them and under no circumstances produced excuses for them. He questioned forgiveness and then returned to God’s means. Integrity breeds believe in. When folks can believe in that you have their best pursuits at heart and not simply their personal, then they will observe you like they did King David.

Skillful Arms

Third, Asaph claims King David led them with skillful palms. In Modern language, this suggests David labored hard to have an understanding of and execute the best management and management practices. If he ended up alive now, he would study top rated management authors, go to seminars and even seek the services of a coach or mentor in get to hone his management capabilities and fashion.


David did not simply dress in a crown nor was he sentimental about the folks. He walked prior to them, led them and confirmed them the way. The strategies he learned he place into observe for the betterment of the folks and the kingdom.

In the Bible, there are numerous good and terrible examples of management and management. This post has discussed 4 features that characterised the management fashion of King David, the next king of Ancient Israel.