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Leadership and Project Management

The topic of leadership is a prolonged subject matter, ranging from academic investigate to printed operates and article content. The dialogue of leadership can be uncovered in Greek and Roman texts, as properly as operates in the new millennia. In the project management area, nonetheless, leadership has been a sleeping huge, which is just emerging as a topic of investigate and publication.

Task management substance in the twentieth century consisted of get the job done investigating the mechanics of the procedure of running a non permanent endeavor. The objects of problem were: (1) price, (two) routine, and (3) resources. Later on get the job done regarded the require to include deliverables, or scope into the project equation. The writer finds these objects to be the “hard” areas of running a project, subject matter to analysis, with a spreadsheet or other laptop software deal.

Effective administration of these project components is not plenty of to warranty achievements. Project supervisors require to be expert in “tender” spots, these kinds of as change management, psychological intelligence, and leadership. The chief wants to have encounter as a project manager, and to figure out how the wants of the project change above the lifestyle of the work.

Leader behaviors will consist of a task or partnership emphasis. Undertaking targeted leaders will preserve an eye on the mechanics of the project, and request to drive their team towards achieving a project that has beneficial routine, finances and deliverable results. Connection leaders request to realize team harmony via consensus setting up, and to talk with their exterior stakeholders, these kinds of as the project sponsor and executive committee.

The profitable chief acknowledges how their design and style-orientation will change above the lifestyle of the project. All through the early phases of the get the job done, the chief will score high on partnership components, as the require to promote, notify and inspire some others is paramount. In the middle portion of the project, the chief will focus on task components, these kinds of as monitoring price, routine, source and deliverables. At the last 3rd of the project, the leadership design and style will oscillate among the two that task and partnership chief behaviors, as the require to monitor the project carries on in its importance and the extra require of obtaining supplemental aid throughout project completion and closeout takes place.


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