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Introducing Google Concept

What is Google Concept?

Google Concept is a computer software tool that combines the Google lookup engine with a brain-mapping application.

Intellect mapping, or else also identified as concept mapping, is a strategy used in small business, coaching and education to place feelings on to paper. It is often witnessed used as a signifies of recording brainstorming sessions, project scheduling and assessment.

Typically, this kind of brain mapping has been completed on flip charts or paper but ever more a assortment of personal computer programs has been out there to help maps to be developed on a laptop or desktop personal computer.

To glance at, a brain map would often appear to resemble a tree or a spider world-wide-web. At its middle is a central matter or strategy. From this central matter, lines shoot out like branches. Just about every line links a subtopic or concept. Further more lines emanate from just about every subtopic and connection to scaled-down subtopics or suggestions. As you move together a line from the middle outwards, you see your primary matter broken down further and further into extra exact concepts.

Just about every matter and subtopic is represented by a word, a phrase or an impression, or a blend of these. The electric power of a brain map is that a large, advanced or, maybe, vague, central matter can be explored and broken down into scaled-down, manageable and extra tangible suggestions. A brain map can also exhibit the romantic relationship among suggestions and the primary matter. A different electric power of brain mapping is that one’s feelings can grow to be extra focused upon specifics instead than hoping to grapple with a large vacuous concept.

Fundamentally, brain maps offer with suggestions and information. These suggestions and information grow to be extra focused and particular as the matter becomes extra broken down.

The strategy behind Google Concept is that it will take the central matter and the subtopics and treats them as keywords. These keywords can then mechanically be used in a Google lookup, the success of which can be linked into the brain map. When comprehensive, the brain map has not only broken down the primary matter into subtopics but it also has links to information at just about every position in the kind of linked web sites.

In this way, a small business person can plan a new project or take a look at a new proposal working with a brain map in the common way but also, right away, he has a selection of links to linked web sites from which to obtain further information. Together with, one supposes, information about very similar initiatives, rival firms and achievable alternatives.

A student or faculty kid could use a brain map to take a look at suggestions all over a matter of review. As they split down the matter, Google Concept will supply links from which the student or pupil can obtain extra information and history material to aid their review.

All in all, Google Concept seems to be a powerful new tool with a whole lot of opportunity. As extra and extra people discover about brain maps and use them, so Google Concept could grow to be a extra all-natural way of exploring for information on an at any time increasing Net.

There is only one problem. Google Concept does not nonetheless exist. I compose this short article in the hope that it finds its way in front of the guys at Google who could take it up and invite me to talk about it with them.