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Integrity – The Iceberg Analogy – Above the Waterline – Component one

What is integrity? Integrity is like an iceberg. We can simply see the visible element previously mentioned the waterline, but the larger sized element is under the h2o. And colliding with possibly can sink a man or woman, an group, or an whole nation.

The visible parts of the iceberg – let us simply call them composed ethics – include things like guidelines, polices, and company ethics guides. Violating these can get you fired, fined, or thrown in jail.

Composed ethics principles are typically really significantly black and white – if there are gray areas it truly is because persons want them to be gray. A consulting agreement meets ethics expectations if a true, externally validated assistance is carried out. If not it truly is a bribe. Which is why ethical providers scrutinize consulting contracts, and you should not permit payments to governing administration officers and their kinfolk.

In my world-wide advertising and marketing and logistics programs we have passionate dialogue concerning the Overseas Corrupt Tactics Act. Lots of feel that the FCPA generates a disadvantage for US providers. But the enjoying subject is leveling when aggressive economies join the United Nations bribery conference. New polices – as stringent as FCPA – ended up adopted by 38 international locations, such as 34 OECD associates. A just lately adopted United kingdom bribery bill is stricter than the FCPA, and prohibits any bribery, not just governing administration officers.

While cultures and ethical expectations evolve about time, the worst transpires when individuals, companies, cultures, and whole societies reduce their moral compass. Witch burnings, the wonderful inquisition, slavery, and genocide ended up the final result of a collective moral collapse.

At occasions, the iceberg previously mentioned the h2o line may be shrouded in fog. Then, individuals and companies feel that they are untouchable, that bribes are a reward for having elected, or a reputable price tag of doing organization. The Mayor and Metropolis Council President of Detroit designed what is now alleged to be a “felony enterprise” demanding bribes from contractors. For Siemens (not associated), bribes turned a price tag line product, meticulously accounted for in fantastic German manner – even with a finances.

The problem with corruption is that it truly is a slippery slope. Corruption can make a limited-term advantage. A long time back, I misplaced a offer with the Nigerian Central Financial institution to a competitor who was inclined to shell out the ideal persons. But the corruption did not stop with the agreement award additional bribes ended up wanted to pass acceptance tests, free of charge up currency for payment, and so forth. In the stop, corrupt organization in typically lousy organization.

The fog may never carry, but you should not rely on it.


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