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How to Use SWOT in Social Care

A SWOT Assessment is probably the very best recognized and most extensively utilized organizing instrument in social treatment expert services. It is worthy of revisiting the standard rules even so.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Options and Threats, and is specially practical in building suggestions and difficulties with a team of people today. A big square is drawn up and divided into four sections each and every with one of the SWOT headings.

The questions below are helpful prompts for discussion, and no judgements should really be manufactured about the difficulties identified, even so unorthodox. At the time suggestions have been exhausted and entries manufactured below each and every section, discussion can be inspired about which variables are most important, what the priorities are, and how issues can be get over


  • What pros does your organisation have?
  • What do you do much better than any person else?
  • What methods do you have accessibility to?
  • What do people today see as your strengths?
  • What variables necessarily mean that you supply expert services effectively?


  • What could you make improvements to?
  • What should really you avoid?
  • What are people today probably to see as weaknesses?
  • What variables limit your capability to supply expert services?


  • Where are the excellent opportunities struggling with you?
  • What are the attention-grabbing tendencies you are mindful of?
  • What rewards are there for service consumers?


  • What obstructions do you confront?
  • What is happening locally that you should really be worried about?
  • Are the requirements for your work or expert services altering?
  • Is altering plan threatening your place?
  • Could any of your weaknesses severely threaten your project?

The aim of a SWOT examination is to convey out all the difficulties, assumptions, hopes and fears that various people today have in a secure, non-judgmental way.  

We all function on the foundation of assumptions, ideally informed types, but you can find constantly the danger of bewildering assumptions with facts. If you can be crystal clear about what are the facts and what are your assumptions at the begin of a project, this will assistance you manage risk and alter more constructively later on on.  By bringing these out into the open up via a SWOT examination and reaching arrangement on shared assumptions, you have the foundation for a productive project approach.


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