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How Consultants Overcharge Their Clients

Consultants’ ‘Profit enhancers’

When an corporation hires management or IT consultants, line managers need to be certain that the consultants provide the effects promised. In this posting, I summarise 6 methods utilized by consultancies to improve their have profitability. Some of these are just savvy organization, some are dishonest, some are fraudulent – all are prevalent through the consulting industry. By earning organizations conscious of these methods, I hope they will be better armed as they pay out out their consultants’ usually generous service fees and costs.

one. Extreme profitability
A junior guide will usually be paid out all over £30,000 ($forty five,000) a 12 months. So with social and other costs, the consultancy may well be paying all over £1,000 for each 7 days. But they will usually be billed out at £7,000+ ($ten,000+) for each 7 days to private sector clientele – for greater public sector initiatives some consultancies will go down to £5,000+ ($seven,500) for each 7 days. A far more expert guide may well cost the consultancy £2,000 ($3,000) for each 7 days, but can be billed at £12,000+ ($fifteen,000+) for each 7 days. So while lots of manufacturing enterprises make gross margins of all over 80% and retailers are at about 100%, management consultancies generally concentrate on gross margins of 500% to 800% – a fairly hanging and great difference from the margins any of our clientele would ever make. Shockingly, really several clientele do the very simple arithmetic and question why they ought to be paying over £300,000 ($450,000) a 12 months for an inexperienced junior guide who is probably becoming paid out just over a tenth of that.

2. Retaining vacation costs rebates
Final 12 months three consultancies agreed to pay out a previous shopper all over $100m compensation, when they were being sued for “unjustly enriching them selves at the cost of their clientele The lawsuit was that for a ten years the three corporations worked with exterior suppliers these types of as airline corporations and vacation agencies to attain rebates of up to 40% on airfare and other costs that were being not passed along to clientele.”

The way this performs is very simple. The consultancy sets up a offer with a vacation agent, hotel chains and the most important airlines for an finish-of-12 months rebate. The consultancy invoices the shopper for the total vacation and lodging costs, in some cases even incorporating on an administration cost. At the finish of the 12 months, the consultancy receives a rebate from the vacation vendors. None of this rebate is ever passed again to the clientele who have paid out for all the vacation and lodging in the to start with place. The defendants claimed they had “discontinued this observe” having said that this is contradicted by a the latest e-mail from a guide from just one of the businesses, “Here is how we do it just about every time. We state in our deal that we will invoice for ‘actual’ costs. Then we invoice them for your air vacation cost. Then we get a kickback on your air ticket. But we you should not give the shopper again the kick-again.” A person British guide estimated that his employer had stolen over £20m from just just one shopper in this way.

3. Billing for non-shopper perform
In most consultancies, companions or administrators divide their time up amongst their different clientele and allocate a specified quantity of times each thirty day period to each shopper – even when this time is really not put in operating for that shopper. Additionally, you frequently come across common consultants becoming instructed to cost clientele for time put in on inner consultancy organization. To quote a guide from a 100,000 in addition worker firm, “I was at an inner conference with far more than 100 other consultants. Husband or wife instructed us to cost the working day to the project so we could invoice it to the shopper as it was almost quarter finish and we desired to make our quantities.” Just this just one apparently innocuous determination will probably have cost the shopper over £100,000 ($a hundred and fifty,000).

four. Overcharging for overhead
In lots of consultancies, clientele pay out for fictitious overhead costs. At just one key consultancy an more ten% was mechanically extra to consultancy service fees supposedly to protect overhead costs. So, with each guide costing £300,000 ($450,000) a 12 months, clientele would also be billed for a further £30,000 ($forty five,000) to pay out for administrative overhead. Still the London office, for case in point, had about three hundred consultants and all over fifty administrative help staff members – secretaries, receptionists, human resources, bean counters, advertising help, useful resource managers, trainers, data centre researchers and document manufacturing. Still, with the ten% increase-on, our clientele were being becoming billed for the equivalent of about three hundred administrative staff members – consequently the salaries of up to two hundred and fifty help staff members were being not becoming put in, as the staff members just did not exist.

5. Relocating staff members
Quite a few management consultancies are intercontinental and move their staff members all over the environment at their clients’ cost. On £2.3 million ($4m) project I helped market in Britain to a regional overall health authority, the consultancy did not have adequate United kingdom based staff members. As our CEO wrote in an inner memo, “the project took place at a time when we were being continue to greatly supported by U.S. expats. Obviously we accommodated them and their family members and a proportion of these costs were being billed to the shopper.”

So our NHS shopper had to pay out countless numbers of lbs a 7 days more for these imported consultants in what a subsequent official investigation described as “a economical fiasco.”

6. Dishonest on flat fee costs
Often consultancies will agree with the shopper that costs will be all over, for case in point, twelve% of service fees. Each individual 7 days the shopper will be billed for this twelve%, then at the finish of the project there will be a reconciliation among the twelve% paid out by the shopper and the real costs incurred.

On a project for a main company of armed forces aircraft, missile methods and satellites, we had agreed twelve% but were being really only managing at about seven%. The account vice president informed the relaxation of the consultancy that he had room to soak up costs equally from other initiatives and from our head office, fairly than paying income again to the shopper.

Very once in a while, clientele would audit our costs. If they discovered some true horrors, we might just say there had been an administrative error and refund the minimal important to retain the shopper satisfied.


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