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Executive Protection – Agent Wardrobe Administration

Appropriate organization attire is exceptionally significant for EPS (government defense specialist) as it conveys professionalism and competence. If you dress inappropriately for global CXP (company government defense) aspects, you could uncover on your own off the group in a hurry. As an EPS in higher-stage global company lifestyle, you may not know about pretty rigid organization attire codes. The majority of global firms have twenty-page dress code plan manuals, which somehow hardly ever uncover their way into the palms of the EPS. Normally dress like a strong experienced agent on all global CXP aspects.


Male EPS really should carry two suits with white button-down shirts on assignments. Dark go well with hues these kinds of as navy blue, black or darkish grey are ideal for global CXP aspects. The tie really should match the go well with and not be flashy. The point of your tie really should lay over your belt buckle. The ideal shoes for EP are Ecco’s with over-the-calf socks in navy, black or brown hues.

Female EPS:

Female EPS really should carry two suits on assignments. Black, navy blue and darkish grey are the ideal hues. Very well-equipped organization pantsuits are preferable, opposed to skirt suits for global CXP aspects. We have uncovered most elite-stage woman EPS depend on pantsuits. The ideal shoes for EP are shut-toe shoes, no higher heels. Just like male EPS, woman EPS really should use their wardrobe administration to project a experienced, capable image while on global CXP assignments.


Male and woman EPS really should use sun shades for modifying light-weight ailments only, not to seem “amazing” or daunting. Navy “eye-don methods” and “terminator style” sun shades are not acceptable for global CXP aspects. When in question, do not don sun shades unless your principal is sporting a pair. You do not want to project an unprofessional physical appearance or seem threatening.


Male and woman EPS really should carry only a person light-weight, wheeled, carry-on style suitcase. If you are actively supplying government defense at multi-places and touring commercial, you can expect to not have time to wait for your suitcase at the airport baggage carousel. Even if you are touring by company jet, a person suitcase is all you really should have. Only pack important items. Equally male and woman EPS generally close up taking considerably extra with them than they truly want on global CXP aspects. Transfer speedy, travel light-weight and get the position carried out professionally. You should not over pack. Gown clever and be experienced, excellent luck and God speed.