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Exchange EDB Recovery Tool – Know How To Select The Finest One

Exchange Server is a client collaborative environment which connects multiple numbers of Outlook profiles to it and tracks each of their email transactions. A huge number of Microsoft Office Outlook accounts can successfully be linked with a single Exchange Server which is why it is considered best to be used within large scale organizations. But at times, your Exchange mailbox with EDB format may get corrupted resulting in losing its accessibility. This may a cause a huge havoc for an administrator as he is responsible for managing the Exchange Server mailbox consisting of multiple user databases. In such a case you will with confronted with the requirement of executing Exchange EDB repair so as to regain its accessibility all over again. Hence, in the latter part of the segment you will read profoundly about one of the scenarios that may come up after corruption has been caused within the Exchange Server mailbox.

Corruption, Error And The Need Of Exchange EDB Recovery-

As explained above, Microsoft Exchange is one of the most employed servers which offer the ability of linking multiple Outlook accounts under it.The damage of file which is quite often experienced within Exchange Server causes issues at a higher level which is at the database level as well as application level. This kind of damage usually occurs due to defects that have taken place within the driver, hardware or even the firmware. These problems either show up the invalid checksum or an invalid accessed page header while processing a read operation.

Mostly, fallacious page number gets encountered because of file system depravation or faulty mapping of multiple number of pages present in your database file. And the situation results in showing the error 1019 (JET_errPageNotInitialized). At such point of time you may feel the need of using an Exchange .edb repair tool that holds the capability to restore Exchange deleted items as well as repair mailbox database .edb which is found corrupt.Further in the situation the even 476 is usually logged with the application log of event viewer shown as follows:

‘Event ID: 476

Description:The database page read from the file at offset for bytes failed verification because it contains no page data. The read operation will fail with error… ‘

And this error is confronted by users when the Exchange Server demands a database page within the Exchange Store file and discovers the page to either be uninitialized or bearing the page number ‘0times;00000000’. Even this page fails checksum test and results in Exchange Server error 1018.The Exchange EDB recovery tool has to be employed in order to overcome the error messages by eradicating the corruption by executing repair EDB to PST procedure. EDB Converter is one of the most preferred brands of applications to carry out mailbox recovery from EDB to recover mailbox from EDB to PST consisting of the repaired EDB file data.


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