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Developing a Win7RescuePE

This tutorial is a tutorial to produce a Win7RescuePE, bootable as both a CD/DVD or as a UFD (USB Flash Drive). Win7RescuePE is a project that can be downloaded and run in the WinBuilder utility to produce boot disks based on WinPE 3., although also supplying a user-helpful Windows setting to work from.

Build resource: Creating a Win7RescuePE boot disk will need a Microsoft Windows7 DVD (32 little bit only). sixty four little bit Windows7 DVDs are at present not supported.

You can use no cost offered Windows7-RC1.
Installed Windows Highly developed Set up Kit (Windows AIK).
Windows AIK is offered from Microsoft for no cost, and can be downloaded, burned to a DVD, and then mounted in Windows from the DVD. It is offered for download when you type “WAIK” on Google.

Build setting: A Windows XP or later functioning process (32 or sixty four little bit) is encouraged.

Build utility: WinBuilder is the program that actually builds the boot disk. From in WinBuilder, Win7RescuePE itself can be downloaded. It is needed that you use WinBuilder 077 RC 2 or over. The WinBuilder download page can be uncovered by typing “WinBuilder” at Google as well.

Tricky generate area: Roughly 2 GB of no cost area is essential throughout the Win7RescuePE develop course of action. Setting up Windows AIK needs up to 1.5 GB of no cost area.

Memory (RAM): The target process needs a minimal of 256 MB, with 512 MB or far more encouraged.

As a further more clarification, the Win7RescuePE boot disk can be created from a Windows sixty four little bit OS, but it can’t be created employing a sixty four little bit Windows7 DVD as the resource.

The remainder of this tutorial addresses the actions essential to produce a bootable Win7RescuePE CD/DVD or UFD. The method was composed although employing WinBuilder 077 RC 2 and Win7RescuePE, and was examined on equally Windows XP SP3 and Windows7-RC1 as the develop setting.
Stage 1: Obtain and set up WinBuilder
Obtain WinBuilder from the hyperlink beneath. Variation (077 RC 2 as of this composing) is encouraged.

The WinBuilder download page will appear equivalent to the the screenshot beneath:

The WinBuilder download will be in the variety of a zip file containing one file (WinBuilder.exe). Extract this file to the folder where you want to run WinBuilder from. It is encouraged that you produce a new folder in the root of a generate, this kind of as C:WinBuilder, D:WinBuilder, and so on., and extract WinBuilder.exe there. It is also encouraged that the path to the folder and folder name itself do NOT incorporate any areas, as this can lead to problems less than some instances.

Stage 2: Start off WinBuilder and download Win7RescuePE
Start off WinBuilder by executing WinBuilder.exe. If operating from Windows Windows7, WinBuilder will want to be run as administrator by appropriate clicking WinBuilder.exe and picking Operate As Administrator.

Considering the fact that no assignments still exist in the WinBuilder folder, it need to go straight away to the Obtain Heart display as shown beneath.

Considering the fact that Win7RescuePE is a new project, you must incorporate the download server to WinBuilder.
You can do that by picking out a offered project, and then pressing the Incorporate a new web server button. Identify of new web server is: rescue.w07.internet/Initiatives

See screenshot beneath.

Find updates.boot-land.internet and rescue.w07.internet/Initiatives in the base-appropriate segment. For the 1st check out, it is encouraged that you leave “Proposed” picked in the fall down checklist, and leave all other items as they are by default. Find the Obtain button to commence downloading Win7RescuePE. The screenshot beneath demonstrates the download in development:

If you get one or far more messages stating that a file can’t be uncovered or downloaded, acknowledge the information and enable the download complete with the lacking file(s). Then pick out Obtain from the principal WinBuilder display, and pick Obtain again on the Obtain Heart display. Carrying out this need to lead to WinBuilder to download just the lacking file(s) so that you now have a complete Win7RescuePE set up.

If you want to commence the Win7RescuePE download above again from the beginning, close WinBuilder, delete every little thing in the WinBuilder folder other than WinBuilder.exe, and then run WinBuilder again to commence above.

When completed with the Win7RescuePE download, the principal WinBuilder display will appear as shown beneath:

Stage 3: Set up Windows AIK
Windows AIK will be essential to develop the Win7RescuePE boot disk.

Windows AIK can be downloaded from the Microsoft web page.

The file downloaded from Microsoft will be an ISO file, approximately 1.3 GB in size. At the time downloaded, burn up the ISO file to a DVD with a utility this kind of as BurnCDCC. This utility can be downloaded from Terabyte Unlimited.

To commence the set up, insert the DVD and wait for the Windows AIK welcome display to look. If the DVD would not autorun when inserted, you can open the DVD generate in an Explorer window, and the double click on startcd.exe. Be certain to observe the set up needs on the welcome display, which specify which variations of Windows (and Provider Pack degrees) are supported by Windows AIK.

Find Windows AIK Setup from the welcome display menu. Immediately after some initialization and the license arrangement display, the pursuing dialog will come up:

The defaults shown over will work great with Win7RescuePE. Be certain to verify the essential disk area before proceeding by employing the Disk Expense button. Clicking Up coming will commence the set up. At completion, the pursuing display will look:

Windows AIK needs equally the.Internet Framework and MSXML 6. to be mounted. If they are not already mounted on the process, Windows AIK Setup will detect this, and ask for that you set up both/equally of these items 1st. Each are offered to set up from the similar DVD, and look on the welcome display menu as.Internet Framework Setup and MSXML 6. Setup.

Stage 4: Configure Win7RescuePE before creating the boot disk
Start off up WinBuilder to the preliminary display, which need to demonstrate the Win7RescuePE project offered. Take note again that if operating from Windows Windows7, WinBuilder wants to be run as administrator by appropriate clicking WinBuilder.exe and picking Operate As Administrator.

With the Win7RescuePE item highlighted in the left pane, click on on the Resource button at the leading. The Paths configuration display will now be obvious as shown beneath:

The important item on this display is the Resource listing, which tells Win7RescuePE where to come across the resource for creating the boot disk. The Goal listing and ISO file items can be left as they are by default.

If employing a Windows7 DVD as the resource, insert the DVD in a generate, and use the look through button in the Resource listing dialog to pick out the generate letter for the Vista DVD. In the screenshot over, the F: generate is the Windows7 DVD. For ease and a relatively quicker develop, you can also duplicate the contents of the Windows7 DVD to a generate/folder of your option on the difficult generate, and then specify that area in the Resource listing dialog. For case in point, if you duplicate the contents of the DVD to the folder D:Windows7, then that area need to be specified in the Resource listing dialog.

Up coming, pick out the Script button at the leading, and then pick out Configuration in the left pane. This provides up the Configuration display for Win7RescuePE as shown beneath:

The options shown over are encouraged for the 1st develop.
Up coming, develop the Build segment in the left pane, and highlight the – PreConfig item.
If you mounted Windows AIK to a area other than the default of “C:Program FilesWindows AIK”, then use the look through button to pick out the folder where it is mounted. The screenshot beneath displays the default set up area.

Stage 5: Build the Win7RescuePE boot disk (the ISO file)
This step will develop the boot disk and produce the Win7RescuePE ISO file, which will be designed (by default) in the ISO folder less than WinBuilder, and will be named Win7RescuePE.iso. Remember to observe that producing Win7RescuePE on a USB flash generate will need some more actions just after this one. These actions will be included in Stage 8 beneath.

Emphasize the Win7RescuePE item at the leading of the left pane, and pick out the Enjoy button at the leading-appropriate of the display to commence the develop. The Win7RescuePE principal display is shown beneath as a reference:

The screenshot beneath demonstrates the develop in development:

When the develop completes, a Build Effective information box will be shown:

Click on Alright to complete the develop. If you are producing a UFD fairly than a CD/DVD, you can shift on to Stage 8 at this issue. Or else, carry on beneath to produce the CD/DVD.

The file Win7RescuePE.iso will be designed in the ISO folder as shown beneath. The genuine size of the file will rely on the configuration possibilities selected, as well as the resource (Windows7 DVD).

The ISO file can be burned to CD/DVD by employing a CD/DVD burner software capable of burning ISO information.
Stage 6 (optional): Generate the Win7RescuePE boot disk as a USB Flash Drive (UFD)
At the time you have concluded Techniques 1 via seven over, you are now all set to produce a bootable UFD.

Expand the Finalize segment in the left pane, and then highlight the Duplicate to USB-Unit item. On the appropriate, pick out the Script button, which will convey you to display shown beneath:

Plug in the UFD (if not already plugged in) and decide its Windows generate letter. At the base of the display over, use the look through button to pick out the root listing of the UFD (the case in point over has it set to G:).

To go ahead and produce the UFD, pick out the “Make USB boot machine” item. Immediately after a shorter time, you will be prompted to format the USB generate. Click on Alright to carry on. The HP USB Storage Structure Software window will come up, as shown in the screenshot beneath.

In the Unit field, thoroughly pick out the target UFD machine from the fall down checklist. Double verify that you pick out the correct machine due to the fact all USB drives on the process will be outlined.

In the File process field, pick out NTFS (encouraged), and then pick out Quick Structure less than Structure possibilities.

Test the options thoroughly (specially the Unit), and then pick out Start off to format the generate. Ahead of the format actually begins, there will be a confirmation display where you can cancel the format if needed:

When the format completes, a summary display will be displayed as shown beneath:

Click on Alright, and then Shut the format dialog to carry on. If you use Grub4Dos as bootmanger, a screens as shown beneath will be look.

Immediately after picking out your UFDD, and pressing Set up, the course of action of location up the UFD to boot, and copying the essential information to it will be continued.

During the file duplicate course of action, the display beneath will be shown (demonstrates file copying in development):

At completion, there will be an All Performed information as shown beneath:

Click on Alright to end. The UFD machine is now all set to boot. You will want to set the UFD as the boot machine in purchase to boot from it. Normally this can be performed by both by going into the BIOS set up and shifting the boot purchase, or by picking out the UFD machine from a menu of boot gadgets that can be brought up (on some techniques) at boot time by pressing a scorching important.

The Win7RescuePE Desktop:
Booting and initializing Win7RescuePE will typically get from 1 to a several minutes, relying on the process, how the boot disk was configured, and what type of machine it is booting from. A UFD will boot quicker than a CD/DVD on most techniques.

The Win7RescuePE desktop will appear equivalent to the screenshot beneath, relying on the possibilities picked in the Win7RescuePE configuration. The PENetwork utility (shown on desktop beneath) can be applied to configure the community and map community drives if required.

More Info: Optimizing For Dimensions
If you would like to reduce the size of the boot disk to achieve a quicker boot time, as well as need less RAM, some/all of the pursuing configuration items can be thought of:
In the Internet segment, uncheck all items other than PENetwork. If you do not need PENetwork (for mapping community shares), that can also be unchecked.

Uncheck the total Application segment.
Uncheck the total Tweaks segment.
Uncheck the total Addons segment.


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