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Cross Cutting Know-how and Capabilities Checklist

  • Oral and written conversation
  • PMI’s Code of Ethics & Skilled Conduct
  • Presentation applications
  • Prioritization/time management
  • Problem-solving applications & techniques
  • Undertaking management program
  • Marriage management
  • Stakeholder effect analysis
  • Targeting communications to supposed audiences
  • Team inspiration procedures

Cross-Cutting expertise and Capabilities: Will need for These Capabilities

Each and every merchandise explained on the Cross-Cutting Know-how and Capabilities list can be its individual study and discipline. Lots of of these abilities, techniques, and procedures are use in standard day-to-day organization functions. Most are not unique to management. PMI Registered Education Providers furnishing PMP PDU instruction will involve these concepts.

Having said that, understanding the spectrum of expertise and abilities it will take to be a profitable project manager helps to define the complex function of a project manager. A manager has to have several of these abilities thanks to the political and human character of taking care of jobs in an business.

Cross-Cutting expertise and Capabilities: Interpersonal Capabilities

Management in its essence discounts in taking care of the human sources of a project. Without having appropriate inspiration and management, a project could endure delays and setbacks. That is why several of the abilities shown on the Cross-Cutting Know-how and Capabilities list offer with the ability to interact with people.

The subsequent are abilities from the list that relate to working with and taking care of people:

  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cultural sensitivity and variety
  • Management applications and techniques
  • Negotiating
  • Marriage management
  • Team inspiration procedures

A project manager lacking interpersonal abilities could locate it hard to organize and lead a project. That is why looking for further instruction in these spots is vital for the project manager.

Cross-Cutting expertise and Capabilities: Analytical Capabilities

Management offers several complex conditions. The project manager must have analytical abilities that enable them to study performance stories, assess risk and handle the fascination of all primary stakeholders. PMI Registered Education Providers furnishing PMP PDU instruction will involve illustrations of these. On the Cross-Cutting Know-how and Capabilities list, there are many spots that offer in analysis-both equally numeric and political.

The subsequent are spots from the list that relate to analytical abilities:

  • Knowledge accumulating techniques
  • Conclusion earning techniques
  • Information and facts management applications, techniques, and procedures
  • Prioritization/time management
  • Problem solving applications and techniques
  • Undertaking management program
  • Stakeholder analysis

Cross-Cutting expertise and Capabilities: Analytical Capabilities

Management offers both equally specific and implicit facts. The noticeable facts analysis get the job done like price and time performance metrics are abilities the project manager must have in order to gauge the project performance. The implicit facts like stakeholder interests and political difficulties are spots that, if not analyzed and managed correctly, could impact the project performance negatively.


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