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CMM Configuration Management and Project Management

Configuration Management is a self-discipline that is unique to the enterprise of developing software program so is not exclusively resolved anywhere in the PMBOK. The purpose of this report is to give ideas on how this self-discipline can be integrated into your project management designs for a software program progress project with the the very least quantity of disruption. Though none of the components of configuration management are straight resolved in the PMBOK you can expect to find that developing a software program application of any sizing is unattainable with no some components of configuration management. The resource library utilized to edition and release the software program is a excellent case in point. CMM also specifies that the purpose of configuration management is to keep the integrity of the software program in the course of the project’s software program daily life cycle. Configuration management will benefit the corporation in the course of the entire daily life cycle of the software program product, lasting effectively further than the conclude of the project which introduces it.

Over and above assisting in the CMM/CMMI certification procedure, adhering to the requirements set for level two certification in the location of configuration management will not only benefit your software program project but will also benefit future initiatives and assistance the aid corporation keep the software program products generated. The places talked over in this collection earlier (necessities management, project scheduling, project tracking and oversight, subcontract management, and good quality assurance) all align with some know-how location from the PMBOK so compliance with all those requirements should not increase appreciably to the project scope. The pursuits needed to comply with CMM/CMMI requirements in this location may possibly increase substantial overhead to your project. You should review the desires of the project for configuration management perform versus the perform needed to meet up with CMM/CMMI level two requirements, detect the perform and instruments needed to handle the delta and make certain that your project is sufficiently funded and resourced to undertake the more perform.

As with the other Key Approach Places (KPAs), Application Configuration Management is organized into goals, commitments, capabilities, pursuits, measurements, and verifications.


  1. Application configuration management pursuits are planned.
  2. Application products beneath configuration management are determined, managed, and obtainable.
  3. Modifications to determined products are managed.
  4. Impacted teams and folks are informed of the standing and content of software program baselines.

These goals will all align effectively with a effectively managed software program progress project. Configuration management perform, like all the perform of the project is planned, staffed, and scheduled, alterations are managed by the Built-in Change Command Technique and the content of baselines is communicated to the stakeholders in accordance with the Communications Management program. Keep in thoughts that the context in which CMM/CMMI employs the expression alter management is specific to the software program products beneath management and will require a software to regulate edition management.

Determination to Complete
Determination is demonstrated by the composed organizational coverage for software program configuration management (SCM). This coverage will have to point out who is dependable for SCM, how SCM is carried out by each individual project daily life cycle, a resource library software is utilized, and that baselines are set up and regularly audited. The coverage will be up to the corporation to define unless it is specified in the scope for your project.

Ability to Complete
Ability to accomplish is demonstrated by the institution of a Application Configuration Command Board (SCCB) and a Application Configuration Management (SCM) team. The SCCB is dependable for establishing software program baselines, authorizing alterations to the baselines, and releasing the software program. The SCM team is dependable for the implementation and management of the resource library and all SCM processes, processes, expectations, and designs. In addition to the implementation of these two teams, the corporation is dependable for offering sources and funding for their pursuits and for instruction the SCCB, SCM team, and the software program engineering team in SCM pursuits.

The creation of the SCCB, SCM team, and all the processes, processes, designs and expectations identified as for listed here will be in addition to perform needed to create a resource library software and a librarian which are minimum desires for the common software program project. These teams and documentation will just take appreciable perform to put into practice and should be specified as element of the project scope if they are to be undertaken.

Activities Executed

  1. An SCM program is geared up for the project (and for every project) in accordance with a documented method. This program will be element of the project program and will be utilized as element of that program to management SCM pursuits for the project.
  2. A resource library procedure is set up. The requirements CMM/CMMI has for the library are really considerably what any excellent software will give, with these feasible exceptions: that it aid archival and recovery of configuration products and that it keep SCM data and generate SCM stories.
  3. The software program perform products to be placed beneath configuration management are determined. “Application perform products” involve this kind of ancillary products as Small business Specifications Documents, Functional Technical specs, Element Structure Documents, check designs, and so on. Identification also consists of a unique identifier for each individual product (this will be enforced by the library software), the baseline it belongs to, and the owner (developer, analyst, or tester).
  4. Change requests and bug stories are recorded, reviewed, made the decision on, and tracked in accordance to a documented method. The Built-in Change Command Technique has total duty for managing alterations to the project, such as configurable products, and the procedure should be described in your Change Management program.
  5. Modifications to baselines are managed in accordance to a documented method. The method should make certain that software program is correctly analyzed when it is modified, the SCCB approves alterations to configurable products, and that verify-outs and verify-ins are performed correctly (i.e. managed by the resource library). The method should also detect a alter request or bug report with each individual alter or deal with. A person way of facilitating this activity is by integrating your SCCB and Built-in Change Command Boards (ICCB).
  6. Items from the resource library are created and their release is managed by a documented method. The method referred to listed here is the develop procedure. The librarian or develop learn should have a documented method which they abide by to develop and release a product. The method should involve this kind of matters as when and how the library is frozen, how a develop is approved (by the SCCB), and when builds are to come about.
  7. The standing of configurable products is recorded in accordance to a documented method. This indicates that the resource library software is capable of reporting the recent edition of each individual product, retrieving archived variations, and the composition of each individual release is regarded (the products involved and the edition of each individual product). The resource library software should also be capable of reporting on the rationale for each individual new edition/update. Explanations will involve new options, accredited alterations, and bug fixes.
  8. Common stories on SCM pursuits, baseline contents, and so on. are made and made obtainable to all affected teams. The stories referred to are non-complex and involve this kind of details as alter requests, bug stories, as effectively as summary stories of alterations to each individual baseline and audit benefits. These stories should be described in your Communications Management program.
  9. Application baseline audits are done in accordance to a documented method. The audits should involve assessments of baseline integrity, resource library framework, baseline contents (for completeness and correctness), and SCM expectations and processes compliance. The audit benefits will have to be claimed to the project manager and audit factors tracked to closure. Audits should be done by an external system but if the identification of this system is an concern make the SCCB dependable for the audit.

Measurement and Investigation
You are needed to evaluate your SCM pursuits. The measurements involve progress to program for configuration management pursuits, general performance to budget for these products, as effectively as metrics for alter requests. By assigning the several group members functioning on SCM or SCCB pursuits to an SCM or SCCB team you will facilitate making use of your MS Project file to report on only all those pursuits. By dividing the perform in the MS Project file into distinct places such as one particular for software program progress, and identifying alter requests with the location they effect you can isolate SCM linked alterations and report on all those.

Verification and Implementation
SCM pursuits should be reviewed by senior management periodically. For the needs of the project these opinions can come about at Gate Evaluate conferences or Steering Committee conferences, or in separate conferences scheduled for the purpose. SCM pursuits should also be reviewed with the project manager. This criterion will be fulfilled if you manage these conferences and are in attendance. The SCM team periodically audits software program baselines to validate content and correctness. It is unclear to me accurately what the difference is amongst this audit and the one particular described in Activity #9, other than who performs the audit. Verification also phone calls for the SQA team to evaluate and/or audit the perform products and report the benefits. The SQA audit should evaluate the adherence of the SCM, SCCB, software program engineering team, and testers to the SCM processes and expectations.

A terrific deal of the requirements for CMM/CMMI Amount two certification will be fulfilled by a project manager pursuing very best practices for software program progress initiatives. There is no improved way that I know of to show a grasp of project management very best practices than certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Project managers who meet up with PMI’s requirements can achieve the certification by using a PMP program or similar PMP exam planning instruction and then crafting the certification exam. Standards that tumble outside the house the realm of project very best practices have been determined listed here and should for element of your project program.


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