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CMM and Project Management – Procurement Management

This Essential Method Region (KPA) is referred to as Program Subcontract Management by CMM/CMMI but it aligns with the Procurement Management understanding region of the PMBOK®. The goal is to choose suppliers who are best capable to fulfill the initiatives desires in phrases of operate, merchandise, and price range. Keep in brain that although the PMBOK® paints Procurement Management routines with a wide brush in buy to deal with all industries, CMM/CMMI are only interested in routines that pertain to software program subcontractors, or software program suppliers. The Procurement Management program need to deal with any procurement. As with the other KPAs, Program Subcontract Management is organized into plans, commitments, skills, routines, measurements, and verifications.


The 4 plans of this KPA are:

  1. Certified software program subcontractors are chosen by the project manager. This intention is supported in complete by the Carry out Procurements method.
  2. The buyer and subcontractor concur to their commitments to just about every other. The contract for the shipping of items and/or providers for consideration is the settlement. The contract (procurement contract award) is the output of the carry out procurements method.
  3. The buyer and subcontractor manage ongoing communications. There is nothing in the Procurement Management processes which specifically addresses this intention nonetheless the scheduling of common review meetings, these types of as effectiveness opinions will fulfill this intention.
  4. The buyer tracks the software program subcontractor’s benefits towards commitments. Do the job effectiveness facts, effectiveness reports, and effectiveness opinions are all inputs of the administer procurements method and serve to monitor benefits towards commitments.

Dedication to Complete

There are 2 commitments: that the project follows a prepared organizational plan for running the software program subcontractor and that a subcontract manager is selected to be responsible for setting up and running the software program contract. The plan is the responsibility of the business subcontracting the operate and you, or a person you assign to the function, is the subcontract manager. Your Procurement Management program is not an organizational plan but will consider the position of one for the project you are running.

Capability to Complete

You will exhibit an potential to perform the routines referred to as for by your program by assigning ample resources and funding to the job of picking and running the subcontractor. You are the very first resource assigned to the project and any organizational guidelines, expectations, seller lists, and your Procurement Management program are also resources. Any managers or other individuals that you assign to the operate of picking or running the subcontractor need to be sufficiently skilled in that operate and given orientation on the complex facets of the contract. Your Human Sources Management program will explain how this is carried out. Sources assigned to your project by exterior organizations these types of as a Procurement group need to be skilled by that group.

Activities Performed

  1. Determine and program the operate according to the documented process and the subcontracted operate is described in a Assertion of Do the job (SOW), which is derived from the project SOW. The documented process in this situation will be your Procurement Management program. The detailed routines incorporate make or acquire conclusions, and picking out seller selection standards. The SOW need to also be reviewed and concur to by resources performing on subcontractor selection and management.
  2. Select the subcontractor based on their potential to perform the operate in accordance with a documented process. This is the Carry out Procurements method described in your Procurement Management program.
  3. The contract among the buyer and the subcontractor is utilized to control the subcontract. This activity incorporates the specification of the operate items the subcontractor need to produce, standards they need to fulfill, how modifications will be produced, acceptance standards, and how subcontractor effectiveness will be monitored. This is all normal things covered off in the Carry out Procurements and Administer Procurements processes.
  4. The buyer opinions and approves the software program subcontractor’s advancement program. This will be a deliverable covered in the SOW and the acceptance method and disorders for acceptance will also be described there.
  5. The subcontractor’s program is utilized to monitor the subcontractor’s routines. The monitoring need to be carried out at standing review meetings you carry out with the subcontractor’s project manager.
  6. Improvements to the subcontractor’s SOW and contract are determined on according to a documented process. This process will be the Deal Improve Control Technique described in the Administer Procurements method.
  7. The buyer conducts periodic standing/coordination opinions with the subcontractor’s management. These are referred to as Procurement Effectiveness Assessments by the PMBOK® and are section of the Administer Procurements method. These need to be spelled out in the SOW and need to be held at scheduled intervals (e.g. the moment a week) to review the standing of the subcontractor’s project. This activity goes on to specify that deviations from the program are addressed and that conflicts are addressed. Corrective actions are section of the subcontractor PM’s duties. Deviations not addressed by that PM would outcome in conflict and conflicts are settled by the Claims Administration instrument described in Administer Procurements. The best way of assembly these desires is to make certain that the subcontractor’s PM manages your project in accordance with project management best procedures (which simply call for corrective motion to be taken when benefits deviate from the program). You also need to make certain that the PM maintains an motion sign-up or problem log to seize any issues you have with the project.
  8. Periodic complex opinions are held with the subcontractor. This activity verifies that the merchandise getting created satisfies your desires and any good quality targets set for it. This activity is described in the Administer Procurements method as Inspections and Audits. Interpret this to indicate opinions of Purposeful Requirements and Depth Design Documents created by the subcontractor where by the specifications captured in your Business Demands Doc are translated into features, and code.
  9. Formal opinions of the subcontractor’s operate items are carried out at chosen milestones. These formal opinions are what I refer to as Gate Review meetings carried out at critical milestones throughout the project. The subcontractor could have their have Gate Review meetings with you as a critical stakeholder, or your Gate Review meetings could be enough on their have. In either situation the deliverables prepared for the accomplished sub-project phase need to be reviewed for completeness and ideas, resources, pitfalls, and so on. of the forthcoming sub-project phase need to also be reviewed.
  10. The customer’s Program High-quality Assurance group (SQA) monitors the subcontractor’s SQA routines according to a documented process. This is over and above the scope of your project, unless your project is also utilizing an SQA group and processes. Your project can lead to the activity by making sure that the contract, SOW, and your High-quality Management program specify the SQA routines expected of the subcontractor and performing audits to make certain these routines are carried out.
  11. Your Configuration Management group monitors the configuration routines of the subcontractor. The SOW utilized to outline the subcontractor’s duties need to incorporate CM routines and these need to also be captured in the subcontractor’s project ideas. Assessments and audits need to have to incorporate verification that the subcontractor performs their CM routines as for each their ideas.
  12. You need to carry out acceptance testing of the subcontractor’s deliverables according to a documented process. Inspections of deliverables these types of as requirements, designs, and code need to be ruled by the Administer Procurements method in your program. These need to incorporate testing of the software program (Consumer Acceptance Tests).
  13. The subcontractor’s effectiveness is evaluated periodically and the analysis reviewed with the subcontractor. This is described in the Resources & Tactics section of the Administer Procurements method (Procurement Effectiveness Assessments).

Measurement and Examination

There is only one measurement: measurements are taken and utilized to figure out the standing of the Procurement Management routines. These measurements are taken as section of the oversight of the project management routines of the all round project. They will be presented for in your project ideas.

Verifying Implementation

Your Procurement Management routines need to be reviewed with senior management periodically. This can occur at Gate Review meetings and/or at Steering Committee meetings, and meetings with your sponsor. If you are running a project and have a project manager reporting to you on a software program sub-project, you need to have to fulfill with them periodically to review their procurement management routines. This could be section of the agenda for weekly standing review meetings, or involve meetings specifically for the goal. Ultimately, the SQA group need to review and/or audit the resources and routines utilized for Procurement Management. This will only be feasible if your business has an SQA group. With no an SQA group, your business could have a PMO or PMC in which situation that group would be responsible for oversight of all parts of project management, such as procurement management, and would carry out project audits.

There is very very little that a project manager who adheres to the project management best procedures described in the PMBOK® would or could to do to fulfill the standards for the Program Subcontract Management KPA. The one detail exterior of the influence of the project manager is the establishment of a Program High-quality Assurance group. This group is also essential to the Program High-quality Assurance KPA. There is no much better way that I know of to exhibit a grasp of project management best procedures than certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP®). Project managers who fulfill PMI®’s standards can achieve the certification by taking a PMP® course or very similar PMP® test preparing instruction and then producing the certification test.