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Clarity-MS Project Ideal Methods

Very first items to start with: What is Clarity* and what is the difference involving Clarity and MS Project*? Do we require to use both of those? Why?

Clarity (formerly Niku) is a project management information and facts system with operation to do communication management, time management (such as scheduling), value management, resource management, risk management, and portfolio management. You can make projects, make a price range, incorporate/get rid of means to projects, take care of project pitfalls and issues, baseline a project, enter project actuals, shop project documentation and monitor the project health.

MS Project (MSP for brief) is a project scheduler. You can incorporate/alter/get rid of tasks and milestones, make job dependencies, incorporate/get rid of means to tasks, estimate job function or duration, identify the significant path, and amount means.

For the reason that MSP does project scheduling much better than Clarity they are applied in conjunction so that all scheduling tasks are performed in MSP and uploaded back again to Clarity. The user interface in Clarity is not conducive to executing project scheduling as simply as in MSPs Excel-like currently common interface.

When MSP is applied as a scheduling device with Clarity, there are policies and one of them is that Clarity “policies”: Clarity owns anything, such as the schedule. It just lets you to quickly “borrow” the schedule by downloading it into MSP so that you can make the vital adjustments and hand it back again all of this by way of a Clarity-MSP interface that neither Clarity nor Microsoft are happy of.

The other policies are not as straightforward and are not spelled out anyplace apart from by third get together suppliers and consultants that have been there and completed that. If you observe these very best procedures that I have collected by some decades of operating with both of those equipment you will stay clear of a whole lot of difficulty and annoyance:

“Interface set up – Adhere to the interface set up recommendations from major to base without lacking nearly anything. You want to do it appropriate the to start with time so that you can continue to the “MSP configuration”
“MSP configuration – Assure MSP is configured to function with Clarity as per the set up recommendations furnished by Clarity’s manufacturer. Clarity boundaries the operation of MSP. This implies that you can not use MSPs operation to their whole extent when it is effective in conjunction with Clarity
“Password defense – Really don’t password safeguard the project in MSP, Clarity does not aid it
“New projects – Really don’t use the “Save As to Clarity” (on MSPs Integration Toolbar) to make and help you save a new project from MSP to Clarity. All projects have to be developed in Clarity to start with using the project creation operation
“Job help you save – Really don’t use the MSPs File/Save or the File/Save As capabilities for the reason that they never help you save to Clarity
“Duplicate/slice and paste – In MSP, we are all applied to duplicate or slice and paste a full row. Clarity won’t like it for the reason that every single row of the schedule is furnished with a one of a kind Clarity ID that can not be duplicated
“Drag and fall – Exact as “Duplicate/slice and paste”
“Source assignment – Only assign means to a job in MSP that are currently allocated to the project in Clarity to start with. If you make means straight into MSP that are not in the Clarity project the project will not be saved back again to Clarity
“Blank job names – Blank job names are not supported in Clarity. They will acquire their Clarity interior ID as the job identify upon the help you save to Clarity
“Break up tasks – Clarity does not aid the break up job operation of MSP
“Do not use Effort Pushed – Clarity does not aid Effort Pushed tasks. Do not mark tasks as Effort Pushed in MSP
“Do not use Mounted Operate – Endeavor kind Mounted Operate is not supported by Clarity for the reason that of its work pushed character do not mark a job with this kind in MSP or it will make surprising success down the highway
“Do not use recurring tasks – Recurring tasks are not supported by Clarity and, in the very best case situation, will be transformed to ordinary tasks as soon as saved to Clarity, in the even worse case, you will get surprising success when uploading the project back again to Clarity
“Terminology – Get the terminology straight. For example, allocation in MSP is always applied loosely when talking about both of those allocation and assignment, even so, in Clarity, allocation is when a resource has been included to a project, and assignment is when that resource has been assigned to at minimum a job in that venture
“Field names – Be informed that some fields in MSP do not share the similar identify in Clarity. For example, Remaining Operate in MSP is called Estimate To Comprehensive (or Etc) in Clarity. You can always rename the MSP column identify (a good attribute of MSP)
“Clarity reserved fields – Clarity has reserved some fields for its exceptional use: Text1 by Text5, Flag1, Source Identify, Initials, Electronic mail, Number1, and Number2. Negative items will happen if you use them, for example, Text3 retains Clarity’s one of a kind ID for every single job and you can imaging what will happen if this is transformed
“Calendars – Clarity is the resource of calendars. Improvements built to the calendars in MSP will not be saved to Clarity and will only persist until you near MSP
“Source leveling – There is no resource leveling operation in Clarity very similar to MSPs. Carry on to execute a handbook leveling in MSP for every single project you can check out the automatic leveling if you are cozy with the surprising success it always give you (in any case, always help you save a duplicate of the schedule before attempting it)
“Baseline – Do not baseline in MSP. Clarity owns the project baseline and this is completed in Clarity
“Actuals – Do not manipulate project actuals in MSP. Actuals are entered by way of Clarity’s timesheet operation
“Endeavor completion – If you use MSP to mark tasks as “Comprehensive” recall to alter the Remaining Operate (Etc in Clarity) to zero. If a task’s Remaining Operate Several hours or Remaining Operate is zero in MSP and the completion is a hundred%, the complete job will have to be transformed to a hundred% and the status transformed to Comprehensive
“Save commonly – Often, help you save your prepare to Clarity. The far more usually you help you save it, the a lot easier it will be to recover if you do anything you want to back again out of

The very best guidance of all is to totally stay clear of MSP capabilities that are not supported by Clarity and you will help you save your self and many others a whole lot of time. Really don’t you imagine so…? Perfectly, I do.

* Clarity (variation eight.one.one as of this writing) is a item of CA, Inc MS Workplace Project (variation 2007 as of this writing) is a item of Microsoft Corp.


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