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Bulldozer Personalities in the Workplace

D style personalities (“D” referring to the DISC persona profile technique) are the bulldozers among the us that concentrate on completing jobs, often instances at the expense of the men and women around them.

These are the Standard Pattons of this environment, the Jack Welchs, the Stormin’ Normans (Norman Schwarzkopf) the Mr T’s. These are the people today that generate difficult in the direction of their objective and quit for nothing on their way to attaining this objective! I have a confession to make…..I am a D style persona. I am often responsible of remaining way to job concentrated and not more than enough men and women concentrated. So significantly this sounds somewhat adverse, even so, devoid of D style men and women who remain concentrated on job completion there are some issues in this environment (which include some issues in your enterprise and maybe in your relatives) that may well not ever get accomplished.

D’s, like any of the persona characteristics, have strengths and weaknesses. I have summarized these characteristics down below


  • Desires quick success – impatient
  • Loves problem
  • Really aggressive
  • Initiates action
  • Confident
  • Threat taker
  • Makes snap conclusions but can modify a conclusion when new data arrives in
  • Queries well-known contemplating
  • Takes authority
  • Solves complications
  • Manages hassle
  • Task oriented

Expected Perform Setting:

  • Independence
  • Authority
  • Energy
  • Repeated and new challenges
  • Personal accomplishment
  • Extensive scope of functions
  • Immediate solutions
  • Liberty from controls or supervision
  • Capability to progress or be promoted
  • Diversified functions

Requires Individuals Who:

  • Critique execs and negatives of conclusions
  • Are careful in conclusion making and determine challenges
  • Have empathy in the direction of other people

To be far more successful:

  • Will have to have challenging work
  • Will have to speed themselves and chill out
  • Will have to fully grasp that they require other people
  • Will have to just take the time necessary for conclusions and should attempt to have more than enough data to make the proper conclusion.

Big Strengths:

  • Economical organizers
  • Centered
  • Success oriented
  • Responsible for actions and conclusions

Big Limits:

  • Deficiency of men and women skills
  • Building conclusions devoid of all of the information and facts necessary

Working with Ds:

  • Start off with the base line
  • Search for mutual locations of agreement (mutual wins)
  • You should not guide up to the job at hand with little discuss. Get to the stage.
  • Inquire “What” thoughts not “How” thoughts.
  • Stick to information, not opinion.
  • You should not about-dominate.
  • You should not patronize.
  • Be organized and structured.
  • Be apparent and direct.

If you are a D style persona, I am talking from personalized encounter right here, your biggest problem is to assure that you pay out notice to the men and women issues around you and not just concentration on the job(s) at hand. You require to patiently consider information and facts from a number of sources and a number of biases ahead of making conclusions. You should not make a main conclusion currently dependent on 1 supply of information and facts and modify your intellect tomorrow when you get a different piece of information and facts. You require to just take time to truly pay attention to other people and socially interact. You should not make the miscalculation that I did early in my relationship when I asked my wife to cut the chit-chat and get to the stage……a quite terrible miscalculation which I have never ever repeated!

If you are managing a D, be aware of these issues and give a challenging natural environment with as significantly autonomy as probable. When interacting with a D, make sure you get to the stage, adhere to the information and really don’t squander time with idle chit-chat.

If you follow these simple pointers your conversation with D style personalities will be much less antagonistic and substantially far more effective!


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