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Boeing’s R and D Project for an Extremely Stamina UAV Pays Off!

The Boeing company currently being the innovative company that it is, has invested in incredibly interesting project. They have taken it on themselves to acquire a new superior altitude ultra lengthy variety unmanned aerial vehicle platform for surveillance. This platform can be employed for both armed forces and professional functions. It may possibly also save our subsequent in the party of a main disruption in satellite communication.

A current short article in Forbes, in the aerospace information portion entitled: “Boeing receives $89.three million armed forces agreement” which originated on the Connected Press on September 15, 2010 tells it all, in situation you are not common with any of this.

Indeed this is a incredibly good use of Defense Cash, and Boeing’s newest ultra-stamina kind UAV is perhaps a big video game changer, it is a ideal platform in situation of Electronic Attack of satellites, or a huge Solar Storm or Flares that take out our satellites. Remember if they go every little thing variations, daily life as we know it, every little thing from making use of your credit history cards at suppliers, gasoline pumps, etc.

No satellite radio, Tv set, abroad communication curtailed to a significant extent, actually problematic. This sort of an unmanned system by Boeing could save our necks, basically, so, kudos goes to Staff Boeing, and to our DOD for recognizing the obvious and funding this project. Indeed, I am incredibly major about this one particular.

Can you even imagine if one particular-working day, all of humanity dropped all satellite communication – ouch! I signify, double ouchy-wow-wow. That would be a working day to remember, when all of modern day technology generally came to a crawl. And worst of all, it could come about, as many of our satellite belongings will not endure a critical photo voltaic storm, like the one particular which was documented in the 1800s – it took place right before, and who is to say the subsequent one particular wouldn’t be worse?

Properly, in this situation The Boeing Firm can simply launch a 1,000 of these models and the subsequent working day, we might be up and managing. Small business continuity is paramount and mankind’s most important governments and most important corporations have to have these kinds of belongings prepared to go and deployable inside 24-48 hours to prevent lengthy-term chaos from these a disruption.

We are not able to simply lay-down and die or go into disaster manner every single time there is a disruption, whether it be an digital-impulse attack in room, a purposeful downing of US satellites, or the photo voltaic flare from hell. We have to have several places with 1000s of these Boeing unmanned aerial methods, pre-configured, paid-for, and prepared to go. This can be finished.

Organizations and governments presently have back-up options in their IT departments, and these satellites are essential infrastructure to that communication system. Providers and governments work globally, we are linked, we are not able to find the money for disruptions. Remember to look at all this, as our believe tank is, and we have a plan.


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