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Are You a Project Manager Or a Project Mangler?

Which 1 are you? An productive IT project manager, in a position to provide software package on time, in accordance to specs, and within spending budget, or someone referred to by your peers as a venture mangler? Discover out with these Leading ten Signals You happen to be a Project Mangler.

ten. Your .mpp attachments are considered to be a lot more hazardous than the Netsky virus.

nine. You believe your job description is minimal to operating all around and asking people “Are you done nonetheless?”

eight. Your file for the “longest consecutive variety of days without the need of altering your project prepare” is 3, which was reached in excess of a weekend.

7. You really don’t publish your project prepare for anxiety developers could discover out what the Real dates are.

six. When the initially ninety% of your project is done, the next ninety% starts.

5. You could not write a line of code to conserve your daily life, nonetheless you tell developers how prolonged it will take them to entire their aspect.

four. You only do the job from nine to 5 but count on developers to do the job evenings and weekends to meet your deadlines.

3. Your best motivational ability: telling people you might be working from house tomorrow.

two. You DO believe that nine people can have a infant in one month.

And the variety 1 signal you might be a venture mangler

one. Your identify is R. U. Dunyet.


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